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Ta da!

Ha!  You thought you could beat me, you cheeky pair of gloves!  But no, I battled on, and now you are DONE!!!  Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!

I’m a bit surprised they fit – they’re meant for a very petite lady who is about the size of the average 12 yr old.  So they’ll be longer on her than on me which is good, but I think because this pattern is totally ribbing (including the cables), it’s so stretchy that even I can wear them.  Although as you can see, they are very snug.

I’m not sure about writing out the pattern for this. It’s a super simple concept – just rib all the way. Only the cables are a bit tricky because there are twists and crosses which require concentration, so it’s intermediate-level.   If you’d like it, let me know!

There’s another thing to be pleased about today – it’s only 17 degrees C!  Yay!  Woolly season is coming! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Pleased

  1. It but be cool outside but inside the “shop” today was like a sauna due to leaks and fans going full time.
    I love the gloves you have made, I have really done cable but I am beginning to understand your obbsession, with the garment I am making at the moment.

  2. Gorgeous! I love them, well done on finishing!

  3. Oh yum they are so great. I did a pair of pink leg warmers for my wee girl which I momentarily slipped on my arms and thought gosh they look nice. So a pattern for these would be much appreciated by me 🙂