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One of the things I like about Wellington is that it’s on the coast.  I could spend all day watching the sea.

I love how it ebbs and flows

Crashes and rolls

I love how it reflects exactly what kind of day it is

I love its colour

And how it can mould the shore it caresses (or hammers – depending on its mood!)

Can you see the inspiration…?

More about the yarn later!

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Welcome to my blog where I talk about knitting in New Zealand and the beautiful yarns you can find here.

5 thoughts on “Ocean

  1. I love the post mum! I think I spot a picture that I took in there 😉
    The gloves are very pretty and the inspiration definitely comes though.
    The glove looks like a mix of sea cucumber and seaweed ‘.’

  2. Lovely photos, New Zealand is gorgeous. I always wished I knew how to knit or crochet.

  3. Beautiful Makara Beach! I love it and you have captured it on a lovely day! That wool looks soooooooooooo soft and snuggly, your mittens are gorgeous!

  4. Ooh yes, re the DPNs, I needed about 20cms of practice to re-familiarise myself, and have finished the first one!!!
    I’m onto the second and will either be bringing them tomorrow to finish, or to show you my zany take on your pattern! :O)