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Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope wherever you are, you’re sharing the joy of togetherness and the day is treating you well.

My day has been dedicated to the love of knitting (no, that’s not sad), and I have had a great time knitting with Alice, a fellow Wellingtonian blogger who writes Crochet with Raymond.

I thought that as today is about sharing happy things, I’d share my list of favourite blogs with you.  You will probably have noticed that my blog doesn’t have the usual list of ‘other blogs I read’.  I used to have the list, but for some reason, at some point, decided it wasn’t really adding anything to the main objective of this blog (New Zealand yarns), so I took the list down.  Also, some of the blogs I follow don’t post very often.  However, there are a few blogs that I read all the time, and really enjoy the content because in some way, I connect with each of the writers.

I’m a little hesitant about this post, because I don’t want to cause offence to the many bloggers out there by somehow seeming to say your blog is not special (especially to you, the lovely people who read my blog).  I love reading your blogs (if you leave the address for me to visit) too.  So please do not be offended!  The list I’m about to share is just my ‘required reading’ list because I either get a lot out of reading them or find them extremely educational.

So here, I share this list.  Some of them are high entertainment.  Others are touching from their pure intelligence and insightful content.  Others teach.  Others talk about yarn and knitting (my favourite topic if you haven’t noticed).  They’re not all about knitting; mostly about knitting though.  And others I just read because they remind me that out there, there are normal people with similar interests and views to me.

I suspect you’ll all know the Yarn Harlot, and maybe Needled, but the others perhaps not.  I hope you enjoy reading them.

Yarn Harlot

Pattern Scissors Cloth

Crochet with Raymond



Canterbury Tales

wiseheart knits

Knitting to Stay Sane

Nunu Africa Yarns

7 thoughts on “The favourites

  1. I’m feeling offended; my blog isn’t on your list! Just kidding :). I really enjoy your blog along with a few others on your list. Will have to take a look at the others as well.
    I personally didn’t get much knitting done today, but I can now find more of my fibre which is good and I finished a bobbin of yak singles.
    Tomorrow is more tidying, but I might just find time to finish making that yarn and wash it; a cabled hat is calling and it’s siren is much louder than the rest of my projects currently on the needles.

    1. Thank you for reading! 🙂 I always admire those who find the time to not just knit, but also spin the yarn in the first place. AND you’re a busy mother to boot!

  2. Hello again!
    I’ll definitely look at some of those blogs…
    I’m having issues with my knitting Wei Siew, along the lines of, I knitted the ribbing at the bottom and then realised 6 rows into the stocking stitch that it’s going to be far too small in the Perendale, do you think I should knit the size 14? Or even the 16?
    And also, how is it that even when I’m knitting loosely, my gauge is 23 st per 10cms? I think I need to move in with you ha ha ah aha ha ha

  3. I, too, spent yesterday crocheting and knitting – and thoroughly enjoyed it. Off to check out some of those blogs (the others I already visit)

  4. I can’t access my gmail account so I have to tell you here that I have finished my first zelana possum armwarmer and it is fabulous! I’ve knitted some diamonds into it and am feeling pretty darn proud! Have to go and quickly knit the other one becuase I did a lot of shaping around the wrist so I have to replicate it before I forget what my scribbles mean!
    Next pair will have thumbs I promise :O)

  5. Oh thanks for the mention 🙂
    I’ve had a Brilliant day setting up our new dyehouse and testing out new colors . Seeing your post is cherry on the cake

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