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The kangaroo pouch vest


The other day Eric and I were examining a possum I’d trapped.  It was female, and I was showing Eric her pouch, which Eric happily stuck his finger into and wriggled around inside it.  I tried not to be grossed out.  He was entranced.

Then he said “Mummy, please knit me a jumper with a pouch!”  I thought, that’s ok, I’ll do him a kangaroo vest (he needs a new vest anyway).  But no, the opening had to be just like a pouch, so he could put things into it!

There was some urgency to this request, with daily “Is it done yet?” enquiries.

So, here it is.  Just in time for Wellington’s first crisp morning of the year.  Photo taken hurriedly before the school bus arrived:

Note the “compulsory” addition of soft toy to pouch…

I used a pattern from Book 2:  The Purl Stitch by Sally Melville called the Kangaroo Duo (pattern sized for both adults and children).  I changed the pocket by knitting ribbing into the top and sealing the two sides of the pocket.  The pattern is for a sweater, but I left off the sleeves, so it’s a vest.  He’s happy with it, and I’m happy with it.

The yarn is rather nice.  I used Treliske Organic‘s marl 8 ply.  It’s 100% organic merino, grown and spun in the South Island of New Zealand.  When I got the yarn I wasn’t quite sure what the barber-pole-like stripes would produce.  But I like how it went from this:

to this:

The yarn has a four-ply construction, giving the knitted fabric a lovely even tension with good stitch definition.  No splits during knitting, and the fabric itself is cushiony with a cotton-soft feel.  I used 4.5mm needles to get the stitch tension I liked.

Now that I can stop burning the midnight oil to finish knitting it, perhaps I can have an early night tonight!

And if you are new to this blog, check out this page which explains a bit more about why I trap possums.


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8 thoughts on “The kangaroo pouch vest

  1. Awesome possum-pouch vest Siew! I had a pouch jacket when I was little and I remember it was great for stuffing lollies in, during lolly scrambles:)

  2. That is a really good vest for a boy – i wonder what it would be like on a girl too, don’t know if I could see Ashlee in it but I think she would like the pocket as well. – likes watching her Grandfather pluck the possums after catching them.

  3. Eric looks super cute it that vest, and it was chilly this morning! I nearly wore my *ahem* zelana arm warmers (!) but refrained and thank god because it got hooooooooot in Lower Hutt!!!
    I’m kind of grossed out that he stuck his finger in the pouch

  4. Did you see the article in the latest Vogue Knitting magazine about possum blends and Zealana? It’s great that the writer disambiguates North Am opossum & Australasian possums, just as you have. Recently I had an American non-knitter friend email hopefully that “the possums are just given a quick shave, right?”… of course I said “um, NO!!” and referred her to a couple of your posts and DOC’s website. She appreciated the education!

  5. I think I would love one of those vests with the pouch…I’m sure I could fill it with lots of things 🙂 Love the tweedy look and was the possum still alive when fingers were stuck in pouch?? Wouldn’t she bite? Do they use the trapped possums for fur?
    We had a mummy betong (which is like a tiny kangaroo) killed on the road near our house last week and I had to stop and check if there was a baby. Its a bit gross as the pouch is not as clean as I thought it would be and yes this time there was a tiny baby, unfortunately to small to save 😦 I’m itching to try some of that possum wool, will have to save up and get a big order from NZ of all your yummy types of wool!

  6. That is so cute that your son wanted you to knit for him. I love it. The kangaroo vest with pouch is so lovely and looks so good on him. The yarn is so nice and love the variegation. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great day. xo Robin❤

    • I’m very lucky that my son actually loves my knitting. He thinks I can knit anything which is sometimes quite challenging! (Like when he asked me to knit him a pokeball).