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Today, I attended the equivalent of knitter’s heaven.  The lovely Alice invited me along to a local fibrecraft event, at which there were trader stalls!!!

Now, to the yarn-crazy, such an event is a recipe for extreme over-excitement.

I was particularly glad of the opportunity to catch-up with the super Anna Gratton of Little Wool Co., and all her wonderful woolly offerings.  With her permission, here are some pics of the yarn she was displaying today:

I (ahem) made a few purchases:

You may not believe this, but I did have a budget and these purchases were pre-planned (note the relative colour uniformity of purchases.  I’m having a bit of a green and purple phase.)  This precluded me from buying this particularly mouth-watering 4 ply (fingering) offering in a blend of merino, angora and silk:

Oh luscious hank of gorgeousness, I shall acquire you next time though, bwahahahahhah!

If you visit Anna’s website, you will not see any pictures of yarn.  But above is an example of the breathtaking yarn that she produces and brings along to craft events of this sort.  Anna regularly attends local fibrecraft events and other craft markets such as Dunkleys, so this is the place to find her if you’d like to touch, feel and sniff all for yourself.  If you do want to see the colours of the yarn on her site, she will happily send you sample cards of the yarns you want to see.

I also saw Tash Barneveld, of Knitsch, and stood in front of her mouth-watering array of sock yarns for ages before I could decide on this which I will transform into a pair of colourwork mittens for a young madam:

Unfortunately, I lost my head to total sensory overload at this point, and got a pathetic case of camnesia – otherwise I would show you the other very pretty colours on offer.  Have a look at her website to see what I was drooling over.  Connie was particularly hard to resist.  I’m still not sure why I didn’t buy a hank.

A few of you will know that Tash has recently opened a very exciting yarn store of her own, called Holland Road Yarn Company.  I’ve seen a few blog posts about her shop already, which I link to here and here and here and here and here.

I haven’t managed to get there yet (mainly because I stupidly chose to go on the day she’s not open), but I’m particularly looking forward to seeing her line of worsted-weight yarn when it’s done.  There’s also a rumour that Malabrigo will be in store soon…  I won’t go on – the posts I’ve linked to will give you a very good taste of what’s on offer.

Tash’s kind of yarn store has been a long time coming in Wellington.  As you can see from the posts, there are more than a few very excited knitters out there, happy to have a hip local hang-out at last.  I’m looking forward to visiting!

Back to the fibrecraft event, look at the cute “entry ticket”!   I chose this fuschia from the selection of beautifully crocheted flowers all artfully created by fibrecraft members:

It was an inspirational and wonderful event to attend and I met some very lovely people.  I really ought to get out more.


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7 thoughts on “Yarngasmic

  1. Now that’s what I call a fun day out 🙂 You New Zealanders are so spoilt with you yarns, so much to choose from, so many creative dyers and spinners. I hope it picks up like that here in S A too.

    I see why you are salivating over “…this particularly mouth-watering 4 ply (fingering) offering in a blend of merino, angora and silk…” It looks great.
    Someones stash is going to be blissfully bulging tonight… I guess that’s what you’d call a yarngasm.

  2. Yes! I hid most of my aquirements in my wardrobe!!! I just couldn’t admit to the splurge just yet……
    Thanks so much for coming, it was great to have you there, see you next week sometime!
    Oh, and I sooooooooooo wish we had buried you in yarn and photographed your face poking out of all of that yarny goodness!

  3. Envy, envy … I almost went with my Mum and would have seen you there, but at the last minute decided I couldn’t justify going when I had so much that needed doing here at home. (Still regretting this.) Mum did bring me back a small gift, however. 🙂

    • How could you! Events like these do not come along every day! Your work at home will never go away…! Priorities girl! 😉 It would have been fantastic to see you. Next time, you’ll have to come along. Hope you’re settling into your new home well. xx

      • lol. Next time I will get there!!!!! 🙂 We’re gradually settling in … Has its ups and downs and weirdnesses, but basically good … At least I’m getting to go along to a few spinning things in Masterton.