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A trio of cats


From time to time, Eric dreams up a little project for me to do for him.  This time, it was Andre – a fat, yellow, knitted cat.

Back in 2009, Eric’s father gave me a copy of the Feb 2009 Let’s Knit, a UK knitting magazine (now here’s a man who knows how to make a knitter happy!)  The kids spotted the article on the fabulous felines from the publication There are Cats in This Book by Viviane Schwarz.  So they each got one – Andre, Moonpie (tall, skinny blue cat) and Tiny (teeny tiny red cat).

Although Eric originally only got Moonpie, he kept thinking of Andre and Tiny.  He wrangled Tiny out of me quite a while ago, but last week he decided he simply had to have the last in the set – Andre.

So here they are, all together:

I’m not the best knitter of knitted toys, but they’ve passed the standard as far as Eric is concerned, so that’s good.

I knitted Tiny and Andre from The Wool Co’s perendale, but Moonpie is done in a crepe yarn, the brand of which I cannot now remember (needless to say, it’s not New Zealand yarn).


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4 thoughts on “A trio of cats

  1. very cute! I like the blue one best! he has cool ears

  2. Adorable! I like the yellow one. It resembles my figure since the New Zealand trip. All those Jaffas and Turkish Delights and licorice!! Yum!

  3. What is my bedspread doing out of the box!?!!?
    Also, you will recall that MY Andre (the original) has a nicer nose 🙂