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On Francis and Stomp


Well, after the fracas over the felting of Francis, I knitted like the wind, and a week later, the new Francis was born.  It looked good and I was happy with it.  But before I went any further and blocked it, I thought I’d better take it to my friend and make sure she was happy with it and that it fit her ok.  Given she was still blissfully unaware of what had happened to the original, I was also nervous she might object to the change in yarn.

Fortunately, my fears were unfounded, and she was delighted with Francis.  It fitted her like a dream, and she was quite relaxed about the disaster with the original.  Phew!  I was very relieved!   In fact, she was so happy she refused to take it off, and wore it then and there.  It was a cold day too, and she was very pleased to have a new sweater to wear.  So… no blocking… and no photos!!  You’ll just have to wait to see it when I’ve knitted my THIRD Francis.  This time for myself!

Meanwhile, with me a week behind schedule, and the sudden arrival of Autumn, Stomp’s recipient was getting impatient “So you know my tunic… is it done yet?  It’s getting cold…  I know I have other sweaters to wear, but I’m so excited about it – when is it going to be ready!??”  I have a little confession to make about this one too.

You see, I was knitting it, and knitting it, and I started to hate it.  The yarn was just, not right.  It was too stiff for this project, and when I thought about it, I did not think the colour would look good on her winter colouring.

I did not like the size.  It looked far too big even though technically, my tension was spot on.  I had visions of it fitting her like a sack.  I would knit a row, look at it, frown.  I measured it obsessively, held it up against me, knit some more.  Frowned some more.

Eventually, I decided there was nothing more I could do but rip it out.  Right back to the fair isle border.  And I started again in a new yarn in a slightly smaller gauge.  It’s a lovely steely grey.  A one-off from The Wool Co.  It’s a slightly finer yarn, and I’m using smaller needles, so the overall result is that I now have a beautiful, drapey Stomp, in a gorgeous colour, and I think it will fit her a lot better. Here’s the Ravelry link to Stomp if you want to see what it should eventually look like.

Patience, my lovely friend, it’s coming along!


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7 thoughts on “On Francis and Stomp

  1. It’s good you listened to your intuition. Nothing is quite like ripping a whole sweater back.

  2. you are patience personified!!!!!

  3. oh my goodness! If I could knit, this would be on my list of things to make before winter! (I am on the side of the world where it is becoming spring). I hate working on things that I dislike right away. Good for you for ripping it apart!

  4. I love Stomp pattern, can’t wait to see how yours knits up!

  5. It’s a tough decision, but a great relief to rip out an unsatisfactory project. I use to put them in box for a year or so, but they never got better!

  6. Beautiful knitting as ever! That is a really cute tunic isn’t it. You have a lot more patience than me 🙂

  7. Well done on getting that Francis done. Sometimes it’s such a drag to make yourself finish something and then you realize you’re procrastinating for fear of failure… Well, you lucky friends reaction to her francis should convince you to just leap in and get it going. I can’t wait to see pics of the one you knit for yourself.

    Good luck with the Stomp