A yummy treat arrived at my door the other day.  It was a copy of Zealana’s new pattern book:  Seasonless!

What a treat!  Thank you Zealana!

Zealana commissioned this lovely book from Vogue Knitting, whose designers used Zealana yarns to produce a range of up-to-date and beautiful patterns.

My favourite is this, using Tui, a gorgeous chunky weight merino/cashmere/possum blend.

But then, there’s also this in a DK weight merino cashmere blend:

And this in worsted-weight Kauri, a to-die-for blend of merino/possum/silk:

And a few pretty lace shawls:

Oh goodness!  I’m in a quandary.  What shall I knit first!?

This book is a great addition to the Zealana patterns currently available.  With loads of inspirational ideas, there are plenty of ideas for what to do with possum yarn.  A little something for everyone.

If you’re in Wellington, the book will be arriving at Knit World very soon.  Watch out for news of the book launch –  a wine and cheese evening where you can peruse the sample knits at leisure and meet representatives of Zealana.

4 thoughts on “Seasonless

  1. Oh my! They all look so great! My vote is for the worsted-weight Kauri, but maybe I am just partial to cardigans 🙂 I hope you have fun with the new patterns!

  2. If you decide to knit the dress, there is a correction notice posted on Revelry. You can ignore it if you want a longer version, but purchase an extra ball of yarn.

    1. Good tip. I was showing the dress to a friend of mine yesterday. She loved it and made the great suggestion of adding a small short sleeve to it too! Now I can’t get the idea of a cute charcoal-coloured ‘a-la-Audrey Hepburn’ dress out of my mind…!

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