The weather is decidedly Autumn’ish now.  The season for foraging mushrooms and other goodies from the fields.  The season for walks in the cool mist, a time to reflect and enjoy the quietness of the air after the noisy, hot summer with its loud cacophony of cicadas and crickets.  The time to savour the season’s slow turn towards Winter.

Eric asked me to set up a play date with a friend today.  I called his mum, who told me they’d just been out in the fields and had picked a heap of mushrooms, which she was now frying up with bacon to serve over toast.  Yum!

Eric and I decided to see what we could find…

A little fantail and his family decided to follow us, swooping and twisting around us to feast on the insects thrown up by our feet as we walked.  My camera isn’t designed to capture the little birds as they flit quickly from one branch and tree to another, but I wish I could share it with you as I saw them!  These ones will have to suffice:

As I type this, I am looking out the window and the garden is alive with fantails and wax eyes, flitting around in the trees, picking little insects out of the branches.  Fantails have the cutest little squeaky call – like a little squeaky toy.  They’re like a little bird version of a bumble bee.  So cute!

I wish we’d been able to get a better pictures.  They move so quickly, you really need a super-fast shutter and a proper zoom lens to capture them properly.

I wore my yummy Francis.  Thank you for comments about the sleeve length.  Now it’s been blocked, I think they’re the right length too!

We found cress!

We gathered a few pine cones.  Time to think about cosy winter fires!

The cooler weather has made me think it’s time I started knitting Eric some new season gloves.  Time to start writing those glove patterns I’ve promised I’ll give you too.

4 thoughts on “Foraging

  1. The pictures are lovely! You captured the fantail really well, they are soooo fast… I found a tui in the bush the other day and tried as hard as I could to get a picture of him, but he was just too far away! they are so elusive, at least to 12 megapixel cameras!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. You’re right about that. I think I took about a million pictures before I could get one that wasn’t a blur! NZ wildlife needs a specialist camera to capture it!

  2. Those birds are so sweet, its lovely when nature follows you isn’t it! Yum mushrooms, I love them but dare not pick any over here as we get gold tops (one of my horses liked them…big drama) and I am sure the other ones are not friendly either 🙂

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