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First frost


Look what we woke up to this morning!

The first frost of the season!!!

Frosts always get me excited.  I get all frisky and happy.  The crisp, cold air, and promise of a sparklingly sunny day ahead are always great energisers.

And what a day it was!

This is the view from the top of the hill at Makara Beach, where Friend and I went for a walk this afternoon.  It’s one of my favourite views of all in Wellington.

In World War II, a gun embattlement was built up here.  You can still see the crumbling remains.

Around the corner, you can see almost all the turbines in the West Wind Windfarm:

Friend counted 50+ wind turbines.  There are approximately 60 in total.

Across the sea, you can just see a bit of the South Island.

What a glorious day!

The cold snap brought on a fresh sense of urgency for warm gear for cold hands:

Possum gloves for a little man.  Colours chosen by the His Young Mastership.  They will be the first fingered gloves I do.  Wish me luck!


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10 thoughts on “First frost

  1. I wish you much luck in making the fingers! I always seem to run out of stitches by the time I get to the pinky.

  2. Seems so strange that here we are saying good bye to our lovely cold frosty mornings (not a summer lover me). The post lady brought me a collection of DPN so another thing on my 2011 self improvement year to master.

    There really are some incredible views posted on yours and Alice’s blogs.

    The conversation around the table last night was daughter wanting to end up living in New York and son wanting to live in New Zealand. Can see little old having a very peaceful old age!!!!

    Email me your address if you’d still like to go ahead with that swap.

    Take care.

  3. Ahh nothing like a crisp fine Wellington day in the hills… best weather ever! I used to run in those hills when I was at uni, it was so awesome.

  4. It just makes me want to start planning another trip! BEautiful photos!!

  5. What a beautiful vista you have to enjoy. Actually wishing desperately that it would get cold enough for frosts here. Oh well, will have to make a trip down to the bottom to get cold 🙂

  6. lovely picturses! especially the frosted ones!

  7. Have you made a cowl for your friend yet??? My boys decided they want some fingerless gloves in camoflage wool now that they have seen mine… that doesn’t come in possum 😉