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The yarnie girls do Wellington


Alice and I decided to check out the new season’s offerings in Wellington’s yarn stores this week.  To save on petrol (hasn’t it got expensive!!!) and in order to have more chatting time (possibly not a good idea with Alice driving…) we met up at her mum’s flower shop and drove out together for a morning of yarnie goodness.

We started on Jackson Street, Petone, to visit Holland Road Yarn Company.  Alice crochets the most amazing tea cosies in the world (which you’ll see on her blog if you click on the link I’ve given you above), and as we walked down the street, we saw a number of shops selling gorgeous teapots, but adorned with not-so-gorgeous tea cosies.  I think she should offer her wares to them!

Arriving at HRYC was like arriving at the newest yarn party in town, for who else should walk in the door but at least two other avid yarn lovers we both knew…  and soon the shop was bubbling with happy greetings.  It’s fantastic that Tash has created this amazing place for knitty/crocheting types to hang out in.

I was determinedly wearing Francis, even thought the day was possibly just a tiny bit warm for it.  The Kauri it’s knitted in was much admired, petted, stroked and drooled over…  I felt like I had accidentally become a teddy bear. ;-p

Of course, I had to partake noticed some very nice new yarn:

This is Knitsch’s new worsted weight, in Night Swimming.  It’s 100% New Zealand merino, Malabrigo-soft, and very, very gorgeous.  She’s just dyed a new batch…

Brighton looks just like the sea.  You can see I’m aqua-inspired at the moment.

Alice and I have polar taste in colours.  I excitedly picked up a deep, rich, purple.  Alice got all hot and bothered about the deep pink/teal combination.  The charcoal stuck to my hands, but Alice preferred the ice blue…  This is a good thing.  We’ll never fight over the last hank of the same yarn…

One enjoyable hour later, we hit Caffiend, our favourite coffee shop on Jackson Street (on the same street as Holland Road Yarn Company) for some much-needed refreshment. And of course, we knitted.

Here’s Alice, being shy.  She’s wearing her fabulously gorgeous Zealana arm warmers, and wearing her most delicious Noro lace scarf.

Funny, we had both brought along possum:

Refreshed, we trundled back down the road to Wellington to see if Nancy’s had any new Noro stock. Sadly, the new yarn hasn’t arrived yet. 😦  But probably all the better for our wallets!

There was just time for one more stop, and off we went to Knit World.  Downtown Wellington has one of my favourite features:

This immense silver ball hangs above Civic Square.  It’s not easy to see the wires suspending the ball above the square, and it looks like this amazing ball floating in the air.  I think it’s very cool.

Anyway, Knit World.  Alice had been extremely good, saving her yarn budget for some of the Remarkables colourway from Touch Yarns‘ merino magic sock yarn.  And she found what she was looking for.  I didn’t take a pic (bother), but it’s very Alice.  A ball of hot-pink variegated gorgeousness.  You’ll probably see it popping up in one of her future posts.

The latest news from Knit World is that as of this week, Kauri worsted is now stocked in-store.  Dangerous….!  But now daughter can have the Boyfriend Cardi she noticed me pointing out in Zealana’s latest pattern book, Seasonless.  Dark comments about “I hope that’s not for you..!” ensued when she saw that post.  😉

Alice and I plan to visit the other yarn stores in Wellington soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures.


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20 thoughts on “The yarnie girls do Wellington

  1. Sounds like one of those wonderful days made all the more special due to being shared with friends. English petrol prices seem to have gone crazy at the moment making my new job seem all the more attractive too!!!!! a three minute walk just behind my cottage, perfect!

    • Yes, you are right! Having a special friend to share the day with made it extra nice. How cool is that – being able to pop over the fence to work!

  2. I am deeply jealous of all the Wellington stores you are visiting. I think it will be a long while before I can make it out to New Zealand again. My parents are visiting in May. I think I’ll have to place some yarn orders with them.

    • It’s so great that you are a NZ yarn appreciator! If there’s anything I can do to help them in acquiring the yarn you need, do let me know! 🙂

      • I do have a favor to ask. The next time you happen to be at Knit World, could you see if there is any Tui in shade T05 (the charcoal one) in batch 17. I was there in September and bought 10 skeins, but I’m deathly afraid that I’m going to be a few meters short on my Fireside Sweater. I want to know if I should even send my parents there to look.

      • Yummy yarn!! Oooh, I do hope you have enough for your sweater! I will have a look for you as I’ll of course be visiting Knit World at some point… The charcoal is there, but I’m not sure if the batch number will be the same. If it is, I’ll get a ball for you so that you don’t need to worry (and if you don’t need it, I’m sure it won’t go amiss in my collection…) 😉

      • I’m not stuck on the batch number. I figured I’d just use a different batch on the sleeve cuffs.
        And perhaps we can do a swap of some sort… or what ever you think is best.
        Do you have my e-mail? I know I have to have it entered in order to leave a comment…

  3. Oi! No comments about my driving thanks!!! Would you believe (probably not) that I haven’t had an accident in ooh, a very long time! I’m sorry about my naughtiness, i was over excited!
    I just realised, I’ll be able to send my people over to you for the Noro scarf reveal! i’ve been so involved with my socks I’ve not posted the scarf! Excellent!
    See you next week!

  4. Ahhh! Sounds like a favorite kind of day! I think I’ll go knit!

  5. Sounds like fun – you definitely need the right accomplice for days like this! My sister is great to take crafty shopping, much better than DH – lol! But she lives at the other end of the country…

  6. looks like you ladies had a great time… I ‘m pretty envious of the fantastic wool shops you have, lucky things. Looking forward to seeing what you do with that wool…

  7. I’m so jealous of people who can wear those yummy-looking yarns. Sounds like you had great fun.

  8. Wish we had such wonderful yarn enablers here in Auckland. I have to go some distance between the extremely few yarn stores – only 3 on the North Shore and very few on the other side. The only Knit World I know of is in Henderson and it doesn’t stock Zealana. Mind you, considering my stash of both fibre to spin and yarn to knit that is probably a good thing! Keep telling myself NO MORE!!! but it doesn’t stop me 🙂

  9. It sounds and looks like you and Alice had a fun time….I bet you encouraged each other to get more stash than you intended….isn’t that what friends are for!! I am loving the Possum and have almost finished one glove, keep an eye on my posts 🙂

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  11. Dear Kiwiyarns,
    Have been having a peak at your blog a few times recently. And Alice’s which is brilliant! Love your patterns. I’m a Wellingtonian too and was at the Petone store just last week getting myself some of that luverly Knitsch sock yarn, which I’ve just knitted into a shawl. So feeling the love on that one! You two out on the town sounds like trouble!

  12. Oooh I’d love to have so many yarn shops to go around! I have one near me, and it only stocks cheap acrylics…. Thank goodness for the internet! I just wish I could touch the yarns before choosing them… I love that part!
    I have come over from Alice’s blog *waves* I hope to come back and visit soon! 🙂

    Samantha x

    • Thanks so much for visiting Samantha. Isn’t the internet such a great thing!? But as you say, there really is no substitute for touching and squishing and sniffing… I hope you manage to get a nice dose of yarnie goodness in the flesh soon!