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Scarves for Christchurch


Recently I posted about a New Zealand fashion chain store Glassons, inviting knitters to donate scarves to their shops, which would be sold on their behalf, the entire proceeds going towards the Christchurch earthquake relief funds.

Some very kind readers from overseas asked if there was a deadline, or where they might send their scarves.  Here is the information I have obtained:

Deadline:  No deadline, however for the scarves to be sold in a timely fashion, the middle of May is probably the latest to get the scarves to the shops.

Where to send:  Glassons, 80 Cuba Mall, Wellington 6011, New Zealand.  Mark the envelope “Scarves for Christchurch”.  (The scarves will then be forwarded in bulk to head office for labeling and distribution to Glassons stores).

I’ve seen a number of scarves in Ravelry queues destined for the Glassons stores.  They’re absolutely beautiful.   What touchingly generous and kind people you are.  You’re certainly wonderful ambassadors for what knitting is all about!

If you’re in New Zealand, and looking for yarn ideas for these scarves, I notice the very kind Tash of Holland Road Yarns recently posted a special offer for Christchurch-coloured Cascade yarns (red and black) in support of this cause.

I haven’t yet started my scarf, but now that Stomp is done, and the second sock is well on its way to completion, it won’t be far away.


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3 thoughts on “Scarves for Christchurch

  1. Oooh second sock aye! I had to have a break from mine, but after a day of knitting a cowl I’m bored of monotone and got back into my sock with a vengeance!
    Looking forward to seeing these neck warmers!

  2. I dropped 3 scarves off at the Newmarket “flagship” store today, and they had 6-10 already tagged for sale. I have to say that a couple of them were rather crappy! One didn’t have an end woven in and another had a very obvious big knot join in the middle… *sigh*…

    • Well done you! I’m sure they must look gorgeous! I guess the others must have been done by good-hearted souls who still have a wee bit to learn about knitting. You’ve got to hand it to them for trying though. I think I might have had to be physically restrained from getting out my kit and trying to fix up those errors on the spot… 😉