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First socks


Ta da!  My first socks!!!

That was an interesting and absorbing experience.  Everyone talks about the turning of the heel (a very geeky, joyful experience).  But the thing that gets me about socks is… Kitchener stitch.  Shiver.  That grafting thing was hard to get my head around.  I need more practice.

I used the Yarn Harlot’s (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) basic sock recipe, found in her book  “Knitting Rules!”  The New Zealand yarn used is one that’s no longer on the market – Needlefood’s sock yarn, in Sweet Chilli.

Now I’ve knitted my first pair, and have figured out how my foot differs to the basic pattern, it’s time to knit a pair that fits perfectly! 🙂


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13 thoughts on “First socks

  1. I can’t believe this is your first pair! Watch out, you’ll get addicted – lol!
    I need to dig out my kitchener stitch instructions every time – it definitely doesn’t come naturally to me!
    I pulled out my knit socks the first time this week as the temperatures start to drop…

  2. Wow that was quick. They look really good. I think I’m going to have to giv this a try. You are a real knitting inspiration. That color’s amazing.

    • Thanks! 🙂 The socks were compulsively addictive to knit. Each section (cuff, heel, foot, toe) was like an adventure in itself… I couldn’t stop until I’d finished!

  3. Congratulations, finishing your first pair of socks is such a sense of achievement.

  4. they look fabulous! well done, what colour will your second pair be?

  5. I will one day knit myself a pair of socks, I might be 80 when I do but I’ll get there!!! Maybe the next pair will be green…………………… 🙂

    • You know, I never ever thought I’d turn into a sock knitter. But now I’ve done a pair, I just love them. I can’t stop looking at the teeny tiny stitches and admiring how pretty they are… best of all though – I’ve worked out they make fantastic boot (wellie) socks!! They don’t fall down or do that really annoying slide-off-your-foot-and-end-up-at-the-toe-of-your-boot thing!! I’m completely converted.

  6. Love those zingy orange socks…… careful, sock knitting can become very addictive, says the mad woman who knitted ten pairs as gifts this past christmas.
    Lovely blog.
    lily x

  7. Woo Hoo! Fantabulous socks!!!
    Check out this link for some tips on great socks, it has changed my view on the dreadful heel bit…I love the kitchener stitch, so cool, but I prefer toe up socks so I can fit them as I go…..maybe I will finally get past the heel now 🙂

    PS I finished my gloves,do you wet block or just steam the possum for best effect?

    • Thank you! 🙂 I’ll have to check out that video when I’m next around broadband – this wretched dial-up I’m on doesn’t allow me to watch cool stuff like that. Re the gloves – just wet block them, and they dry and fluff up beautifully. The trick is not to steam (or iron) possum.

  8. I love it! I have been itching to make a pair of socks, but my knitting skills are sub par :/ I plan on doing plenty of knitting this summer 😀 I can’t wait to see your next pair!