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Happy wanderings


The little man and I went for a discovery ramble this weekend.

I thought I’d share some of our favourite findings with you.

Gorgeous New Zealand red and yellow admiral butterflies.

The last of the blackberries:

Ferns are another plant I find fascinating.  Those tiny tendrils, that delicate curl of the leaf, the feathery beauty of the frond:

Don’t you just love the textures you can find in nature?

We went by a marshy bit:

This is the flower of a New Zealand carnivorous plant.  It’s a wetland plant.  The Drosera (or sundew).  It releases just one flower a day, which lasts just one day.  (Confession:  this plant lives on my window sill. But it fits the theme, so I thought I’d include it here.)

And finally, a few more marvellous ‘shrooms:

Funny how this week’s knitting looks strangely familiar…

Happy sigh.  I just love living in the country.


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3 thoughts on “Happy wanderings

  1. You truly live in a FANTASTIC environment! Such beautiful photos. I can’t wait to see your new creation finished… most intriguing and inspiring textures there.

  2. Lovely pics! What are you making!?