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Creative jags always hit when I’m feeling a little low.  Perhaps it’s the intensity of feeling that makes a creatively inclined person need to express in some way, the emotion of the moment.  It always makes me feel better to create something beautiful and spontaneous. Do you find that?

I buried myself in some of my lovely Zealana Heron yesterday, and came up with this:

It’s an eyelet lace cowl that I’ve called Evelyn.  I rather like it.

Heron, a beautiful, softly spun yarn has a gorgeous halo, softness and drape.  It’s 80% New Zealand merino and 20% possum.  Very warm and cuddly.  Look at the contrast of natural halo from the possum against leaves:

The pattern is written, and a lovely friend has volunteered to test it before I send it out into the world.  Stay tuned!


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11 thoughts on “Evelyn

  1. This looks just beautiful – I love cowls for winter because they stay in place around the neck without long dangly bits getting in the way and they can be used as hats when needed. Looking forward to the pattern as this looks so lovely and soft and flattering. Well done!

  2. Good morning. That looks lovely (colour suits you too). Looking forward to the pattern.

    Still looking at my lovely box of yarn, pride of place on the kitchen table. I have a couple of days off ahead of me so maybe I shall master (or at least attempt to) the DPN’s and make fingerless gloves with that Rimu (would be better then just picking the balls up and rubbing it against my cheeks!!) Started on the Kiwi for a lacy cowl on Friday’s night shift so that is that spoken for. As you suggested a hat for the Tui. I am feeling rather decadent being that they will all be for me. Any sign of your parcel? Checking on the receipt, no tracking number but web site says 5 – 15 days for air mail.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    COlette xx

  3. oooh, it is luverley!!!!
    Mum who?! I think I may need to make a few! Aaargh, I’m going to have to get onto this starting tomorrow, I don’t want to hold up everyone elses enjoyment!
    Hope you’re feeling well, sending you lots of love, Karen and I are looking forward to Friday XXXXX

  4. That’s gorgeous!! I’ve been in a bit of a knitting slump lately, but this could get me out.

  5. What a lovely cowl! I’m a little jealous that I haven’t had a chance to touch any Heron just yet.

    I find myself knitting other people’s patterns when I’m a bit down. I design my own when I’m happy. And by the ways things have been going, I must be ecstatic.

    • It’s going to be a favourite! I went into Knit World to get some more today, and was shocked to find the shelves of Heron practically bare!!! I hope they order more in soon. I had a look at US retailers – check out this link – there are a few in California. I guess if you ask, they might just get it in…!?

  6. The cowl looks gorgeous. I would love to be able to feel some yarn with possum in the mix. Might just have to find an excuse to fly over 😉

    • I’m a tease aren’t I!? I’m trying to find out if you can get Zealana in Australia and hopefully there will be a reply soon. In the meantime, you can purchase possum online at (shipping is quite reasonable and very efficient) or through Knit World ( Might be cheaper than an air ticket…. 😉

  7. What a beautiful colour. I love the halo. You must be an extraordinarily fast knitter. In response to Maria’s post. Far be it from me to to deny you an excuse to fly to New Zealand but I have bought possum/merino yarn on ebay and I know that some of the producers will send it overseas too.

    • I just spend quite a few hours knitting every night. I’m a lot faster than I used to be. I’ve had to be, just to get through all the projects I want to knit! Thanks for your reply to Maria. 🙂

  8. Your cowl is gorgeous and I love that colour!!! I might just have to make me one of those, I sure love the feel of that possum 🙂
    Today one way flights to NZ were $250 hubby told me! ! He doesn’t mention it very often as he probably feels that if I ever got there I wouldn’t want to come back LOL!
    I still haven’t started my cowl in the highland yet, madly trying to finish beanies for the beanie festival.