Free pattern: Evelyn, a simple eyelet lace cowl

I’m delighted to bring you Evelyn: Free pattern – Evelyn, a simple eyelet lace cowl (v2)

This cowl is knitted in the round, using 6mm needles and 200m of worsted-weight (10 ply) yarn. I used 2 balls of Zealana‘s gorgeous Heron (Lichen colourway) for my cowl, and I’d say it is best suited to a light, airy yarn such as this.  If you can’t get Zealana, and are looking for an alternative, I think it would also look lovely in an angora or mohair mix yarn.

Knitted up, the cowl measures 13″ (33cm) across and 12″ (30cm) tall and is a nice size for a medium – large-sized head.  Cast on a smaller number of stitches for a small-sized head (suggest 84) or knit another repeat of the single eyelet pattern for a longer neck/more fabric.

An alternative look for this cowl would be to do knit it at double its width (cast on 180 – 200 stitches instead of 90) and knit only half the width.  It would then be long enough to twist in half and wear as a very cuddly, deliciously soft cloud of warmth around your neck. I estimate you’ll need around 400m of worsted-weight yarn (10 ply) for this longer style.

If you have any questions or note any mistakes in the pattern, please do let me know!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this quick, simple project.

4 thoughts on “Free pattern: Evelyn, a simple eyelet lace cowl

  1. Can I ask you a yarn question? I’ve promised to knit a sweater for my other half, and the only design he likes requires 10-ply yarn. I’ve had a look around at what’s available in 10-ply and can’t find any in the right colours (a dark, forest green and a light, silvery green) But I know I’ll probably find the right colours in other yarn weights.

    My question is, is it feasible to combine say, a 4-ply and a 6-ply, to get a 10-ply? Would I be in for a long period of experimentation to get the right weight and tension required for my sweater pattern? Or do I really have to stick to choosing from the range of 10-ply yarns?


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