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A cardigan


I mentioned in my last post that I had finished a cardigan.  On the weekend, in between lawn mowing and major amounts of house cleaning, I blocked it, and found buttons to go with it, and put it on. It’s not just a cardigan.  It’s a GREAT cardigan!

This is the Gooseberry Cardigan, by Hannah Fettig.  (Interweave Knits, Weekend 2009 issue).  I’ve raveled it here.

Why do I love it so much?  It’s the right body length, the right sleeve length, it’s roomy and comfy, and the yarn is exactly right for this project.  It’s exactly what I wanted when I first decided I needed a new cardigan a few months ago.  It’s very simple, but it works.

The yarn is Little Wool Co‘s 100% pure wool naturals in Papa.  It’s a gorgeous grey/brown pure Corriedale wool that has a lovely crisp robustness to it.  It’s warm and comforting, like an enveloping cocoon to keep out the cold.  It feels wholesome, for some reason.  My mother called it scratchy, so if you are a fan of merino soft, you probably won’t like this yarn.  But I think it’s wonderful.

If you’re thinking of knitting this, I’ve mentioned a few suggestions in my project page regarding the buttonbands and use of buttons (I’ve made the Ravelry link public, so anyone can access it through the link above), but something I realised when I finished this was that the inside of the garment is visible at the collar.  Good thing my picking up of stitches was tidy!!

You might be wondering what the random buttons are doing on the inside of the band – at the time of sewing on the buttons, I got the impression that the button band would pull at the buttonhole with the buttons sewn on by themselves, so these little buttons are stabilizing the larger buttons on the front.  They’re just odd buttons I had in my button stash but I think the oddness makes the garment interesting.

So, yay for a Finished Object, and yay for happy cardigan wearing days!  🙂


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9 thoughts on “A cardigan

  1. But… but… where’s my cardigan? 😥
    You’ve made such a pretty one all for yourself but there’s no way I can steal it off you because you’ve gone and made it SCRATCHY! hiss….
    So… You have 21 days to knit, block and stitch your way back into my heart, lets make it a challenge 🙂
    The challenge can be called something like “keeping my daughter warm so she doesn’t freeze to death when she visits me” or “realising I shouldn’t have started this cardigan without making hers which she ordered nearly half a year ago”… I’ll let you choose 🙂

    Much love,

  2. Reading you blog on the new computer!!! Wow!! To see the pictures SO much clearer!! That is my sort of cardigan. Looks so nice. Think that I do not have the patience to knit something like that at the moment.

  3. Great cardigan, fantastic buttons. Congratulations. Roll on winter eh.

  4. It looks gorgeous! Isn’t it funny how we get all ready for winter and the temps soar? Part of me is glad, but the other part is a bit disgruntled that I get so hot I need to take off my freshly knitted mitts and cowls!!! That freezing cold weather will come and we will all be jealous of your lovely cardigan!!!

  5. The extra button solution is brilliant. I may have to employ that technique in the future.

  6. Oooh I love this jumper! It looks so snug and warm 🙂 I’d love to make this one day!

    Samantha xx

  7. It’s a really gorgeous sweater. Fabulous job. Love the button idea and much more secure! xoRobin❤

  8. I love cardigans like the one you’ve made. It is funny: you are waiting (?) for the cold days and we are waiting for the summer.
    Best wishes Elke

  9. Very Nice!