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Socks are officially “it”


Now that I’ve officially joined the ranks of obsessed sock knitters, I’ve suddenly realised something.  There isn’t much sock yarn in New Zealand!!

It’s no wonder that our indie sock yarn dyers here do well.  And they deserve to – Knitsch, Fibre Alive and Vintage Purls all produce the most amazingly pretty, quality sock yarns to be had.  But now there’s one more to add to the mix:  Flagstaff Alpaca’s BAMN blend.  It’s a blend of New Zealand alpaca, merino and nylon, and I have to say, that I really, really like it.  New Zealand merino and nylon give the yarn elasticity and strength, alpaca contributes that luxurious creamy handle, and all three fibres combine to create a beautifully soft sock:

This particular colourway is called “Stipple”.  It looks dark on Flagstaff’s website, but the colour you see above is how it comes out in reality.  The label said to use 3mm needles, but 2.5mm needles are producing the tension I prefer.

It’s very nice… I love how it’s self-striping, and that even within the bands of colour there is another colour.  Very masterful dyeing!  In fact, it’s so pretty that I decided I had to go and buy another skein, but when I looked at the website, I saw that this colour is out of stock! Nooooo!!!!!!!

I keep thinking I should start making socks as gifts.  But each sock that comes off the needles is so pretty, so comfy, so yummy that I end up deciding that it’s mine, mine, all mine!!!  Perhaps after I’ve done a couple more I will feel inclined to give some away…

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8 thoughts on “Socks are officially “it”

  1. I’ve only managed to give away one pair of socks so far, to my husband. They were knit for him, so too big for me and the colour wasn’t one I’d wear; I think that’s the only way to do it; to set out knitting for someone who’s feet are bigger or smaller than your own.

  2. wow, that is stunning colour! I had a look on the website the other day but couldn’t find my way around it, gave up and decided to ask you about it!!! I know you are the flagstaff expert and all! Are you selling this at the frank kitts fair? I’m very keen to score some if you are, and other alpaca goodness too!!!
    I’m halfway through a pair of opal socks, I hate to admit that I really enjoy opal even though it is so cliche!!!

  3. I haven’t gone to the ‘side of the sock’ as yet (maybe one day when I complete the quadzillion other projects I have planned) but I have used the Naturally Waikiwi Prints range for other garments and it is yummy – could just imagine it as socks. It is a merino/possum/nylon blend and has some nice colour ranges in plain and self stripy type print.

  4. Loving your sock making and yarns. Someday I will try them. I think I’m scared to begin, for some reason!?! Enjoy your knitting and have a good rest of the week. xoRobin❤

    • When I first tried sock knitting, I was a beginner knitter, and I could not bear the tiny needles and threadlike yarn and never got past a centimetre of cuff! But that was a couple of years ago. When I decided to try a sock recently, I went to the Queen of Socks – who else but the Yarn Harlot – and used the basic sock recipe in her book “Knitting rules”. The instructions are so simple and so easy that I was able to knit one without blinking! Except for the grafting bit. Which still annoys me, but who cares about 8 tiny little stitches right at the toe of one’s sock… When you are ready, you’ll give them a go. 🙂

  5. I love that colourway, the stripe pattern is looking good………yay for sock knitting, maybe an aqquired taste for some, but I love sock knitting too……..should really get back to it but as it’s nearly summer here and the weather has been glorious, sock knitting doesn’t seem to be on my list at the moment.

    Enjoy your sock love,
    lily x

  6. Beautiful socks! That yarn sounds perfect. If you are wanting more of the colorway, contact the dyer – she might be willing to dye some for you.