The perfect day is…

when you find the exact colour hand-dyed yarn you’re looking for…

Isn’t the colourway in the foreground the exact representation of the apple, rhubarb and fig composition I showed you recently?

And you know what else was amazing?  The yarn’s colourway is actually inspired by rhubarb!!!

When I explained to James that the yarn was the exact colourway I was looking for, he said that the colour was originally called rhubarb, but because this batch’s colours had come out weaker than intended, he had named this one “petals” instead.  I nearly died of excitement.  Imagine finding a colourway with the exact same inspiration of the colour you are looking for!?

Here are more of his amazing colourways:

As you might know, I was at the Frank Kitts Market (now rebranded the Wellington Underground Market) this weekend, primarily to represent Flagstaff Alpacas.  I’m so very pleased that so many knitters recognised the amazing softness and quality of this fantastic New Zealand alpaca yarn this weekend.  It was fascinating (and most satisfying) to watch people come up to the stand, pick up a hank, and their jaws literally drop (I kid you not!) at the feel of the yarn.  And then mutter “Wow!  This is sooo soft!” Some alpaca yarns can be scratchy, but this stuff is not.

But while I was there, of course I also had to have a quick snuffle over at Tash’s Knitsch yarns:

and discovered a to-die-for gorgeous, gives-you-shivers colourway, in the deepest olive greens and chocolate browns that she dyed especially for this weekend:

Forest Floor.  Very apt, don’t you think?

Here’s another lovely indie-dyer who was at the market:

This is the Maude & Me stall – Tracee does gorgeous batts and handspun yarns in various New Zealand sheep breeds.  I am very tempted to start spinning every time I see her pretty colours.  Maybe one day!

Also with her was the talented Frances, who makes gorgeous spindles.

There were many other stall-holders there, including the lovely ladies from Yarnz, Nancy’s Embroidery and Ihakara Wools.

I saw some amazing knitted creations walking past (some came to say hello), including Ali‘s very pretty version of the Star Crossed Slouchy Beret, and others wearing a lovely red Garden City Scarf (until the end of this month, purchases of this pattern are contributed to the Red Cross for Christchurch earthquake relief funds), an extremely beautiful pale blue cabled beret with star pattern that I don’t know the name of and desperately wanted to know, and a white, fluffy Hermoine’s Hat.  Some knitters came dressed in the knitted creations of the yarns they had previous bought from stall owners – it was incredible to see the gorgeous things that they knitted.  We have some very talented knitters in Wellington!

Another great highlight was getting to meet some of you lovely readers in the flesh!  Thank you for coming to say hi and introducing yourselves! You made my day. 🙂  I hope you found some yummy purchases of your own.

Here was the Flagstaff Alpacas stall:

Most of it got snaffled up, I’m happy to say.

So there you have it – a run-down of the day!

I’ll leave you with a final shot of my pretty treasures… (I’m so excited about “petals” that I have already balled it up in readiness for knitting!!)

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

15 thoughts on “The perfect day is…

  1. What amazing colours you were surrounded by.

    And is that all you brought?????????????????

    Hope you too are having a lovely weekend.

    Colette x

    1. Yes, I was in colour heaven! I know – I got home and looked at my very small pile and went ‘Doh! I forgot to buy more from James!’ I did have full intentions of going back to decide at leisure over more of his masculine colours for lucky male members of my family… Being busy with your own stall is a very good way to save money I suppose!

  2. I would think I had died and gone to heaven if I was allowed to go to that market!!!
    We have nothing like that here and you just don’t get the same feel for the yarn shopping on the internet do you 😦
    Love that Forest Floor….my sort of colours, your Rhubarb is amazingly correct as a match isn’t it. No wonder you snapped that one up 🙂

    1. You might have to plan a special trip! There’s another very special event coming up in August that I shall tell you about soon. I sometimes feel very hard done-by not being able to attend the wonderful knitting events in the US/Canada/UK. But it sounds like I should be grateful I have it better than you!

  3. One of these days I’m going to have to come over and see that market. I managed to miss it by a weekend the last time I was visiting Wellington.

  4. The market has Changed since I was there Xmas 2009 – great yarns! I’ll be in Wellington for the NZ vrs Canada world cup game on October – will the yarn stalls be there then, do you know? I’ll be looking for tourist yarn!

    1. Hi Keri!

      This market was the annual highlight on wool market – Wonders of Wool. Unfortunately, we don’t have our lovely traders there every weekend. 😦 They’ve found that unless there’s a focus week, their sales don’t make it worth them turning up. However, I can recommend a number of lovely yarn stores you can visit while you are here. For tourist yarn, highlighting the lovely indie New Zealand yarns to be had – Holland Road Yarn Company ( stocks a raft of our smaller indie dyers whom you won’t find elsewhere except at craft markets or online – Knitsch, the signature range at Holland Road was one of the traders at the market. Knit World (Left Bank, Cuba Mall, Wellington) stocks Zealana possum yarn, as well as Touch Yarns, both extremely NZ yummy yarns and very suitable for gifts.

      Hope that helps, and have a good time while you are here!

  5. Dear Aunty Wei Siew, this is a friend of mine from the UK, she loves my mummies very much so I hope you don’t mind me sending her over to visit!!! love and purrs Raymondxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hiya, thank you Raymond for the intro!! I have just had the most gooooorgeous time looking at your yarns and socks and then all the links too (took me ages!) and the alpacas…. i’m in love! When I come to visit my friend up north I’m coming to see you guys for definite!!!! Where can I find your lovely sock pattern you’re making with the ‘petals’ superb colourway? pleeeeeease!? – so exciting just looking at all the lovely yarn on my lappie! Also on the alpaca home page is the fabulous orangey red yarn but I clicked on yarns thinking I’m going to order that right now all the way from NZ but the link didn’t go anywhere!!!!!!!!!! lovely to see your goodies lots of love Karen (Dorset UK) ps. I’ll be back to visit xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Karen

      Welcome!! Any friend of Raymond’s is a friend of mine. 🙂 He’s lovely isn’t he?

      In reply to your question about the pattern – you can find Knotty or Knice in the Fall 2008 issue of Interweave Knits magazine if you have it. Otherwise, I see that there’s a link on ravelry where you can purchase a download – Have fun with it! It’s a great pattern, and I’m loving knitting it, but it’s taking me a wee while with all those cables!

      I’m not sure which yarn you are referring to re the alpaca, but it’s highly likely to be one of Flagstaff Alpaca’s yarns – They have a (bright!) orangey sock yarn called “Tooty Fruity” at the moment, but the colours do change quite quickly.

      Have a lovely rest of your weekend.


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