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The tale of two socks


Things have been a bit distracting recently.  On top of the arrival of my daughter, I’ve been ploughing my way through a bit of learning:

  • Reversible cables
  • Jumper design
  • Lace
  • Kitchener stitch (I’ve finally mastered it!)

Top of mind has been the socks.  After I messed up yet another pair of toes on the last pair of socks (how eight tiny stitches on the end of one’s project can cause such misery!!) I was so mad about it that I sat and practised that damn Kitchener stitch until I had it indelibly imprinted in my brain.

And then, being keen to actually do a pair of perfect socks, I had to immediately cast on another pair:

These socks are in Knitsch 100% merino sock yarn, in the Brighton colourway.  Don’t they look like Brighton!

That’s a picture I took quite a few years ago on the actual Brighton beach, UK.

Anyway, that’s just one sock.  And yes, the toe is perfect!!!  I’ll show you a proper pic when the other is finished.  But as you can see, someone was so happy to have half of another pair of socks, she had to wear it immediately!  I’m extremely pleased with the Eye of Partridge heel (another new bit of learning):

It’s a lot more durable feeling than a plain stocking stitch heel, and I think, prettier than a ribbed heel.

The pattern is my favourite basic sock recipe from page 144 of the Yarn Harlot’s book “Knitting Rules”.

I also finished the first of my Knotty or Knice socks.

This was taken when it was almost done.  But it’s now very happily encasing my foot, and it’s sooooo pretty!!!  The other sock is also still on the needles… Like mother, like daughter…

I have to say though, that Knotty or Knice is an extremely intricate pattern that takes a.lot.of.patience to knit.  It’s all those tiny little cables!!  The pattern picture is quite misleading.  I did not think that it indicated just how much work goes into knitting that delicate knotwork.  It takes an amazingly long time to complete.

However, now that I’ve got the first sock on my foot, I’m in a large hurry to finish the second as I can’t wait to wear them properly!

The two socks complement each other quite well.  I can’t knit the Knotty or Knice socks when I’m tired or for long stretches of time because of the intense levels of concentration required for the knotwork.  So the Brighton socks get alternated with the other to break things up.

And as for my other projects…  There’s always next week?

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9 thoughts on “The tale of two socks

  1. I’m with you on having two pairs on the go at once, especially when you are knitting a patterned pair, I must say I love the knotty or Knice pattern and the yarn you used really shows of the cablework well, but then I’m also pretty smitten with the merino socks in that gorgeous Brighton colourway……………….ok, can you tell how much I adore hand knitted socks!

    lily x

  2. They both look so beautiful! 😀 I think the new heel pattern looks perfect!

  3. Isn’t that Brighton colourway lovely! And I loved the photo of Brighton UK, my parents met there when they were both at college 🙂

    There is something about hand knitted socks isn’t there 🙂 I just ordered the new book by Knitting Daily…the sock knitters master class. Lots of socks by many different designers…yum!

    I like that fancy heel 🙂

  4. they both look fab! the brighton colourway is more variegated than the others seem to be, I really like it! And the knotty ones, well, they are just super gorgeous!

  5. Ah, the slippery slope. Soon you’ll be justifying casting on another sock because you need a pattern that’s not so tricky as Knotty or Knice, but more complex than plain vanilla, or some such excuse! You wait and see – better make sure you have more sock needles (so says one who swore she would never make more than one pair at a time and is now upto 6 size 2.5mm addi lace needles (with most of them in use – ahem)

    ps: hope your fingers are hole free! I’ve been knitting a delightful mohair/wool blend that a kind knitting friend sent me (guess who). I’m eager for my cardigan to the detriment of my index finger which is now sporting a nice hole. Time to break out the sticky plasters.

    • I shall try to resist the siren call of too many socks on the needles at once! 😉 As for the hole, it’s developing nicely thank you. Elastoplast is my friend.

  6. I love the colours in the Brighton. Knitting the two socks separately is the main reason I have not been hooked on socks. I like to do two things (sleeves, mittens etc) at once

  7. Only a sock knitter would understand your wearing one while the other is still on the needles! haha! Love the colorways and the inspsiration!

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