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Night swimming in the Garden City


While I was waiting for my Eala Bhan swatch to dry, a curious thing happened…

You may recall that I visited the Holland Road Yarn Company a while ago, and found myself in possession of a skein of pretty worsted-weight Knitsch (Night Swimming).  I’ve had in mind to turn it into a shawl/scarf at some point, but didn’t know which pattern I’d use.

Then, at the recent Wonders of Wool market, I saw a woman wearing the most pretty scarf shawl – The Garden City Scarf, by New Zealand designer Sheryl Greenfield.  This pattern was designed in tribute to Sheryl’s hometown Christchurch, New Zealand’s garden city.

The two have just become one.

This scarf accidentally half-knitted itself last night.  Honestly, I was just going to do a couple of rows…!

You know how when you’re eating something yummy, and you look down to realise it’s almost all gone, and you haven’t finished enjoying it yet?  Yeah.  This pattern is addictive.

I have a feeling that Night Swimming in the Garden City will be blocking prettily tomorrow morning.  But then I’ll be able to get back to the gorgeous Eala Bhan.  And oh yes, my other projects…

I’m so very excited about my choice of Zealana’s Kiwi for this project.  Thanks everyone for your encouragement to use this yarn.  🙂   It’s going to be such fun to knit!

Now I’ve familiarised myself properly with the pattern, I know that once I get past the initial large loops, the rest of it is a regular cable all the way up the body.  This won’t be difficult to adjust for length, so I shan’t worry about not getting 40 rows to 10cm.  There are also detailed schematic measurements so I’ll be able to measure and adjust as I go.

Have you noticed the elegant way the cables in the swatch decrease in width and pull in the fabric as they travel up the torso? (The swatch itself is a little clumsy as I was learning the pattern as I went, but you get the general idea).

Can you see how little this particular yarn has blossomed even when washed?  This will mean the cables can ‘pop’ and will not be obscured by the normal possum halo.  However, the fabric itself is soft, and warm, thanks to the possum content.

And just in case you are wondering… yes, I did finish the sock.  And I’ve finished another project for my niece (too boring to blog) and am almost there on two self-designed numbers.  More on those another time.


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12 thoughts on “Night swimming in the Garden City

  1. The cable project looks so very interesting, as does the new scarf/shawl – off to check the pattern

  2. I really like how yarn with possum really blooms. I just blocked the body of my possum sweater and the way the bloom makes the cables a part of the sweater rather than have the sweater scream “CABLES” has made me quite happy. (And thanks to you I have plenty of yarn to finish the sweater… and only a sleeve and a half to go.)

  3. I love the colour of the new scarf. Is it really that easy?

    • Semi-solid black is such a versatile colour. This pattern is easy, especially as I’ve only just become friends with lace. The pattern is just a six row repeat, and because it’s only the edging that you need to concentrate on, you don’t get lost (especially if you’re me and lose concentration half-way through an entire row of lace…)

  4. oooh the shawl looks so lovely! can’t wait to see it complete and worn!!! And wow, those cables are stunning, great stuff

  5. Love cables in possum – they go together so well. Had to order the Aran book after seeing your project – amazing pattern and love the look of others in the book too.

    • Cables and possum do go together don’t they!? Your projects in possum look gorgeous with the cabled detail. I think you’ll really like the Aran book. 🙂 Glad I was able to introduce you to it!

  6. I blocked the Slytherin scarf that I knitted for my other half but since then I haven’t bother to block at all -I’m so naughty! In this weather it’d take forever to dry, and anyway I don’t have that kind of flat surface to block on…

    • Tee hee. You should have seen how I blocked mine! I pinned it over the top of the sofa, and curved in all the way down on to the seat… I don’t have a suitable flat surface either!! I think it’s done the trick.

  7. The shawl’s looking so beautiful, I’ve never knitted a shawl, not sure why. I love the way the cable doesn’t shout out too much………looking good!

    lily x

  8. I love the scarf! Might just have to make it for myself. Beautiful colors. Eala Bahn (sp?) is special. Yours will be wonderul.