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And one became two


With my sore, punctured finger still giving me grief, the small needle knitting was too torturous to bear.

My fling with the Garden City Scarf brought relief.  I knitted it on my 5mm super fast Addi turbos, with nice rounded tips.  I finished it a few days ago, but I’ve been lazy about showing it to you. Plus, the weather has been terrible for picture taking.

Isn’t it pretty?  It’s another step in what I hope will become a deep and enduring relationship with lace.  I’m very excited about this leap in learning!  For the first time, all those YO, PSSO, K2togs fell into place, and I could ‘see’ the pattern as I was knitting it. Future lace knitting is going to so much easier to accomplish!

My daughter loves this scarf so much that it was appropriated for her use the moment the blocking pins came out.  In fact, she loves it so much that she has decided this shawl design is the perfect thing to wear with her graduation dress (which is now her ‘good’ going-out dress).  It’s a little black number from Zara that looks very ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’.

“Mama, can you knit me one of these, but in white?  It would be perfect to go with my black dress, as it will contrast very well against it!”

Those pleading puppy-eyes were very hard to resist.  But white?  My brain went into panic freeze for a moment.  What could I use from my stash that is super-soft and white? Aaaahhh!  Right at the back of my white/cream cubby was stored a treasured cone of Treliske Organic 100% New Zealand merino in cream.  It was just the thing!  It’s like finding the perfect moment to open that precious vintage port that you’ve been saving for the right occasion.

So one scarf has now become two.  I am quite happy to knit another version because there are a couple of things I’m not overly satisfied about with my original Garden City Scarf.  The pattern calls for worsted weight, but I think it’s actually better in DK weight. The limited-edition Knitsch worsted weight yarn I have used has made the scarf heavy for its delicate design and it doesn’t drape as beautifully, nor are the lace points as defined as other versions I’ve seen on Ravelry.  However, it does have a beauty of its own, and I’m still pleased with it.

The Treliske yarn is already knitting up very nicely (the lace points will be much sharper and the lace more defined).

For my super-sensitive-skinned daughter, this merino is perfectly soft, and oh so cuddly. It got the tick of approval.

The good thing is that this scarf is extremely quick to knit.  This means that I can get started on Eala Bhan this week!! I can’t wait!

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11 thoughts on “And one became two

  1. Finding some forgotten yarn for a project is almost as exciting as buying new yarn for a project!

  2. they both look fabulous! I printed out the pattern today and as I am rabbiting my zauberball socks (it’s true what they say, zauberballs are EVIL) I’ve only officially got one project on the go! So, garden city scarf here I come! *exciting*
    Have a lovely beginning to your week XX

  3. It looks lovely in that cream. I have some King cole Riot that might be nice for that. Would you still use 5mm needles if you used DK weight? Might have to seek out another ball of the DK I am using from you, it is so lovely.

    • I’m sure it will look nice in Riot. I am still using 5mm needles using the DK yarn. It feels fine, and the tension appears to be just right. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Zealana. Drop me a line if you need more!

  4. That is a really lovely scarf and I love it in the cream. Hurry up I have been dying to see the start of that gorgeous cable cardigan….that is scruptious!

    • Hehe. Me too! I started to work out the beginnings of it last night. I couldn’t wait any longer! I’m going to knit it all in one up to the armholes (like many others on Ravelry) so I had to sit and sort out no. of stitches to cast on/where the cables for each section began, etc. No prizes for guessing what I shall be doing today!!

  5. It looks very beautiful already and I love the color of the original one…

  6. It looks gorgeous. There is no way you could resist a request for a knitted project for a daughter 🙂

  7. Very cool! You sure do nice work!