Inspiration: Catkin

A crocheter friend whom I have just introduced to knitting commented recently that knitting is so much slower than crochet.  Yes, that it is.  And ideas about what to knit flow even faster!  It can be very frustrating!

There are so many exciting patterns I come across, and pretty New Zealand yarns that I know will match beautifully, but I just don’t have the time to actually knit the project. Yet.

I started knitting Eala Bhan this week.  And almost immediately fell in love with yet another project that I want to knit at the same time.

Catkin was recently gifted to me by a very sweet knitter friend in return for finishing a project for her.  Catkin is a beautiful two-colour shawl which is amazingly not fair isle, but rather slip-stitched to achieve the two-colour effect.  The reason I suddenly decided that I had to knit it right now was because I became aware that I had some beautiful yarns sitting in my collection that were perfect colour combinations for Catkin:

These hanks of beauty are Knitsch‘s 100% merino wool in Forest Floor and Joy of Yarn‘s Fibre Alive Sock yarn in Spring Meadow.  If you have been reading my blog recently, you will see that Spring Meadow closely resembles the pretty Petals colourway of the same yarn brand. Spring Meadow has a lot more green in it though, and there’s a subtlety to the yarn that matches the dark green/rich browns of Forest Floor very nicely.  It’s horribly difficult to photograph accurately!

Here we have Knitsch’s Genevieve and Malabrigo’s Solis.  (Although Malabrigo is not a New Zealand yarn, I think this colourway will go very well together with Knitsch for Catkin).  This is my very first hank of Mal ever, and was an extremely generous Christmas present from my friend Kb. I’ve been saving it for the right project.  Which could just be this one…

But then yesterday, I decided to pop into the Holland Road Yarn Company, and what should I find but this:

Oh my gosh!  This makes my heart sing.  I couldn’t help myself.  Malabrigo in Indiecita and Knitsch in Milky Way.  The colours were too exciting to put down!!

Which one should I knit!???

Now, this is where reality starts to bite.  I’m currently knitting two scarves (almost-complete state), two socks (various stages of completion, awaiting the recovery of the Sore finger), Eala Bhan, the V-Yoke Cardigan, and a sweater for a friend (90% complete).  I am also attempting to finish a design for a hat that’s taking a while to develop.

Catkin’s pattern is an astounding 12.pages.long. You do not read wrong.  I need to knit this one when my head isn’t in a million other places at the same time or disaster will strike my knitting mojo in a very big way.  It will have to wait.  Despite the mouth-watering combinations of yarns I have lined up, ready to swatch for this pattern. Dammit!

Many of you have commented that you enjoy reading about patterns and yarns I’ve found and am inspired to knit. (Thanks for the encouragement!)  And I’ve wanted to share more of these ideas with you, especially the very exciting ones.  But as you can tell, I hadn’t quite got the time to knit them.

So… partly to stop myself going crazy, partly to document ideas that I can go back to in time, and partly because I hope you’ll enjoy reading them, this post is therefore the first of a regular’ish series about yarns and patterns that inspire me to keep on knitting. Fast.

In the meantime, this means you’ll have more fun stuff to read and more yarn p0rn to see!

13 thoughts on “Inspiration: Catkin

  1. oooh I looooooooooove that last combination! I think I’ve been lovingly patting that exact skein of malabrigo at HRYC for a while now, I LOVE the colour and am glad to see it went to a good home!
    What time we you there yesterday? my Mum was there in the morning and I rocked up at about 2.30, we may have just missed each other!
    Have a lovely week and get knitting! FInish the jumper first if you’re that close to finishing it!!!!

    1. tee hee. There is still at least one skein left if you hurry! 😉 I went to HRYC about midday – pity I missed you. And yes, I will be good and finish that jumper before I start Catkin. 😉

  2. You seem to manage multiple projects well. I am still challenged in this area. When attracted by a shiny object (a new pattern or yarn) I loose interest in the old too often

    1. That’s easy to do. I think writing this blog helps keep me honest – what would people think of me leaving a trail of unfinished objects all through my posts!?!!

  3. I can see immediately why you want to make Catkin. And now so do I. And here comes the BIG BUT …… don’t know that my head would stay in the right place for very long.
    Love, Love, Love the last colour combo

  4. Ooh, Catkin is delicious! I’m down to 3 active projects for the first time in ages, just recently finished a Citron in handspun and my son’s skull and crossbone mittens. Waiting on a skein of Pashmina to start my next shawl, which will get me back to 4 projects; really want to start it too. There is always so much I want to knit, now!

  5. I LOVE those varigated yarns! Even the one-color yarns are seductive. Yes; “yarn porn” is a good way to describe it. 🙂

  6. Oh Dear! I love the colours of all these yarns!!!!! May have to clear some other shelves/drawers for more yarn goodies at this rate!! Can’t wait to see especially how the Malabrigo looks knitted up! xxx

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