The Blue Danube Hood and Scarf

I mentioned a few posts back that I’ve been doing some secret knitting.  I think I’m ready to show you some of it.

I’ve been working on a hood in alpaca.  I wanted it to be something different.  Something elegant and beautiful, that would not make you look like you accidentally put on a baby’s hat.

What do you reckon?

The Blue Danube is so named because Sylvia, my daughter, gave it that name.  But I think it’s rather apt.  It’s blue.  It flows like a river.  It’s (I think) elegant and refined enough to be stylishly European.

The sharp-eyed among you will notice that Andy’s scarf forms part of the pattern.

It’s going to be a double-whammy.  You can choose to knit either the scarf or the whole thing.  The pattern will be free.

This pattern uses the same yarn as Andy’s scarf – 100% hand-dyed alpaca from Flagstaff Alpacas.  It’s DK weight, knitted to a fairly loose tension on 4.5mm needles.

It’s warm, and snuggly.  The alpaca drapes just right, exactly the way I wanted it to.

This was one of those “I hate it” projects right up until I finished.  I knew what I wanted.  I put a lot of thought into how to knit it the way I wanted it.  But I couldn’t try it on as I went, so I had no idea whether it would turn out right.  The uncertainty was not a happy feeling for me.

After I finally sewed the scarf to the hood, I slapped it on my head, and sat slumped at the table, feeling morose.  Stupid project!  Taking so long to finish!  I don’t even know if it’s right.  I’m too depressed about it to look…  (Here I’ll explain that it took so long to finish because I was feeling uncertain.  I tend to drag my feet if I’m unsure about things).

Then Sylvia said “It looks really good!”   Really?  You’re not just saying that?  (See how a daughter’s praise can make a mum sit up in hope…)

I looked in the mirror.  Actually, it wasn’t half bad.

The pattern for Andy’s scarf will be released in a few days.

I’d like to test knit the pattern for the Blue Danube before I release it though, as I’d like the assurance that my instructions are clear enough for a reasonably experienced knitter to follow.

It is knitted in pieces so that the drape and structure is right.  It’s a little fiddly, but I think it’s worth the effort.

Would you like to test knit this for me?  Drop me a line at wsleong[AT]hotmail[DOT]co[DOT]nz.  You need to be familiar (not expert, just know what you’re doing) with simple lace and cables, and be able to knit it within a month.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

9 thoughts on “The Blue Danube Hood and Scarf

  1. Gorgeous, Totally Gorgeous!!! I love it and it looks so stylish and soft. I won’t offer to test knit it for you as I have no alpaca that doesn’t need spinning first and then I take so long to do cables and lace you will be waiting months…not one month. Can’t wait for the pattern though, I can just see me wearing that 🙂

  2. I think it’s great – I’ve been meaning to make something like this ever since I saw the bonnet/scarf in my “Knit two together” book. I’m curious how it got to be warm enough for you to be outside in a summer top though!

    1. haha. It’s called teenage daughter ‘stylist’ who insists the hood will look better with pretty summer top! It’s been so mild lately though that it was fine to wear it. 😉

  3. Thats beautiful. I’m always so excited when I see the finished product from the yarns I dye. I don’t get much time to knit with them myself. Especially something so unique and carefully crafted. I want to knit one. Thank you for posting this.

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