Inspiration: Sweater, skirt or cardigan?

It seems that once a week, usually on Tuesday, I suddenly get the urge to take a break from what I’m doing, sit on the floor in front my yarn collection (housed in a wall unit) and appreciate the wonders of colour and texture in it.  I rediscover a few skeins, sniff, stroke and squeeze them, and dream about what I can knit in them.  It’s very relaxing.

The only trouble is… it inspires me to want to knit something new!!

As I’ve just been released from the Candy Stripe sweater, and everything else I’m knitting requires concentration, this week I felt in need of something ‘brainless’ to knit.  Something I could sit and knit without thinking too much about what I was doing.

I have been looking at “New England Knits” for the past few nights.  This week, with the “brainless knit” criteria in mind, I decided to look for yarn to knit the Derry Raglan and Cowl.  It fit the bill:  pretty, easy to knit, but the interest factor of a lace panel in the sleeve.  I thought that it might look rather good in Zealana’s Heron – a soft, cloud-like yarn.

And then I thought it might look good in Naturally, Aran Tweed.

I like this pattern because the cowl neck is removable, which is quite nice when it’s a bit warm for the extra bulk around the neck.

Thumbing through the book some more, I saw the Chelsea Skirt (this is a free pattern on Ravelry!)  Hmm.  This is different.  I’ve been looking for a pattern to match that Jamieson & Smith double knitting yarn for some time.  It’s a crunchy yarn, and will wear like iron.  I bought it for a skirt, but just haven’t quite found the pattern yet.  Maybe this is the one?

There’s a fake petticoat lace panel at the hem which gives the skirt an extra feminine twist. That Touch Yarns laceweight in my collection is a perfect match to the J&S green…

At this point, my daughter walked into the room.  I was now comfortably hunched on the floor, engrossed in yarn and book.  “Mother, what are you doing?”  There was a faintly accusatory tone to her voice.  “Hmmm?  Oh.  I’m just looking at my yarn.  I need something quick and easy to knit to alternate with my other projects.”

“What’s wrong with my mittens?”

“Well… there’s all that cabling in it.  I just want a plain knitting thing…” gawd, here’s me sounding pathetically pleading to my own daughter!

“What about that boyfriend cardigan?  I’m only here for another month or so, and I’m going to need it when I go to England!”

You may remember this image from a previous post:

It’s the Garter-Stitch Boyfriend Cardi from Zealana’s Seasonless pattern book. Someone has been lusting after a boyfriend cardi for a while and when she saw this image in my post on the subject, she decided that was the one she wanted.  I put aside the yarns I had been examining and started to scan my collection for suitable 10ply (worsted).

The problem with knitting from one’s ‘stash’ is that I often find I don’t have quite enough yarn for a project I want to do.  Take for example, this Boyfriend Cardi.  It needs 1,290 metres of worsted-weight yarn to knit a medium size.  Did I have 1,290 metres of anything in worsted weight???  One or two yarns, but nothing that quite suited madam’s tastes.

Except one… the Zealana Heron I was fingering for the Derry Raglan. It’s soft, light, unscratchy, warm and cuddly.

And funnily enough, it does fit the “brainless knitting” bill – acres of garter stitch that allow me to use my hands without stretching my mental faculties too much.  It’s kind of nice. For a change.

16 thoughts on “Inspiration: Sweater, skirt or cardigan?

  1. That skirt is particularly gorgeous IMO. Why do I always torture myself looking at your blog, when I can’t even knit? 🙂

  2. I’ve been eyeing the Seasonless pattern book. I imagine that when you finish that cardigan, I’ll end up caving in.

  3. Cardigan first (think how much you are going to save on postage) then the skirt for you. I haven’t really ever thought about a skirt (seen too many old dears with their old knitted ones) but you are right, that lace at the bottom makes it.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    C x

    1. The back is done. Someone is super excited about wearing it… Good thing it’s chunky needles and yarn so I can knit fast!

  4. Thats a good point, think of the postage you will save! Love that skirt! How so you stop the saggy bottom in skirts?? Are the patterns better these days or the yarn because all I can remember about knitted skirts is the saggy bottom 😦

    1. Haha! Yes, the saggy bottom is something I remember too. I got around that at the time by wearing a slip underneath. Simple, but oh so effective! I’m rather hoping it will work this time too…

  5. I’ve been thinking about making something from New England KNits, too, and that sweater caught my eye. I also like the lace one (can’t remember the name). I LOVE the skirt, but not for me! Your ideas/projects are always inspirational (and a bit intimidating – you knit so beautifully and so MUCH!). Kathy

  6. Don’t you just love it when daughter wins again, just as you plan something for yourself and you have given up hope of her loving and appreciating your work.

  7. Ooh, that yarn look wonderful! The pattern looks great too, looks like a great big hug 🙂 And your Tuesday nights sound like a fantastic way to spend an evening!

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