Mr. Duskie

Since my daughter’s arrival, I’ve been plagued with soulful, pleading requests for a cat.  We already have four cats on this property (neighbours), so I was not keen to get one. They’re also expensive (vet bills) and at this stage in my life, I’m not keen to shoulder that burden.

I said no.  But as a measure of comfort, I suggested we could look into fostering some? (You get given the food, and the cats go back to the SPCA when they’re ready for adoption).  We applied.  It took a torturously long time to get a response, despite diligent following up with the SPCA about the status of our application…

And then early in the morning last week, exactly a week ago, a day after we got an email from the SPCA approving our application in principle, I woke to a very loud meowing outside.  I opened the door… and a little black kitten shot through the door!  OMG. Little kitty was every so friendly, so very purry, and so very hungry…..!

My daughter was overjoyed.  A little purry, furry thing to play with, at last!

We asked the neighbours if he was theirs?  No.  In fact, he had turned up at their doorstep first, terrorised the other cats in the house, eaten all their food, and then got booted out when they left for work.  They did not want him.

How could I turn him out when I’d already said we could foster a cat?  And here was one, voluntarily, at our door!

We posted “found” flyers in the letterboxes all down the road.  We posted a notice on facebook and petsonthenet (a NZ lost/found pet website).  We phoned the local vet to see if someone might have reported him missing.  Nothing.

Did no one want such a gorgeous, playful, intelligent kitty?

Mr Duskie (yes, he has a name now… you can see where this is going can’t you?) set to work making himself as useful as possible.  He is the Moth Destroyer Extraordinaire.  He plays (at bit too much).  He has the deepest, most “awww” rumbling purrs.  He is silken suppleness, very soft, very, very clean, and he learns very fast (yarn is Out of Bounds). Most especially appealing is his rare smoky, black, tabby coat.  He eats a little too much, and he loves chicken.  Especially raw chicken wings which he retires to behind the TV to eat, crunching and slurping and growling (the vet tells me they’re good fibre for digestion and act as teeth cleaners).

Mentioning him to friends, someone suggested that as he is an ‘intact’ male (probably about 5 months old), it is highly likely he comes from a litter where they could not find him a home.  His previous owners are probably pleased he’s gone off to seek his fortune.

The kids adore him.  Eric spends hours playing ‘catch the mouse’ with him.  Sylvia enjoys the cuddles.

I guess you could say we now have a cat.  Unless his previous owners somehow turn up.

15 thoughts on “Mr. Duskie

  1. Mr Duskie is gorgeous. Yarn must look very tempting though… Occasionally my black kitty, Valerie, swats the ‘bobbing’ end of the knitting needle end while she’s purring on my lap.

  2. Funny how the universe works isn’t it! Mr Duskie is lovely, I too love his dark smoky look with the black stripes (an unusual tabby for sure). Get him snipped before he starts marking his territory and getting into fights. You can keep them inside and train them to use the toilet you know….go back thru my blog and look for the photo of Hamish on the toilet. Having said that our new cat freaks out if I tamper with her litter tray but I haven’t given up on the notion of her using the toilet as well. You need patience to teach them this. Enjoy your little mate….cats are great 🙂

  3. He is very cute! My friend had one this colour and said he was a “shadow tabby”, they are very attractive and glad to hear he is a fast learner in the yarn department AND a moth destroyer, he is the best knitters cat you could wish for!

  4. My favourite author wrote a selection of books based on their lives from Leaving London and setting up home in Cornwall. They started off with a cat, then over the years gained donkey’s, ducks, but, he said to his wife that the only way he would ever have another cat was if a ginger cat turned up at their front door in a storm and if he had no home. (I guess he thought that was a guaranteed way of never having another cat). If only life were that simple!!

    Needless to say they ended up with a ginger cat at their door in a storm.

    Something just happen for a reason, maybe not apparent straight away.

    He really does look pretty fabulous and his coat is gorgeous. Can tell he’s a keeper!!

    Mine still thinks a ball of wool makes a pretty good toy, especially if it is attached to that thing hanging from the needles!!

  5. This is the way I got all my dogs, and I must tell you I never ever regretted it! Having a puppy in the house is one of the happiest and funniest periods in one’s life, isn’t it? And afterwards they are such a good friends…

  6. He is lovely! Do make sure to have him neutered soon. We loved our male cats dearly, but even though they were all neutered, had a problem with them marking their territory on occasion. Now we stick with female cats.

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