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Hello, good-bye and wait


Mr. Duskie went home to his owners on Friday. I guess it’s a good thing he was found.  The kids and I are very sad that he’s gone though, and we miss him.   Now I’m thinking that perhaps we do want a kitty after all…

On a happier note, I’m pleased to introduce my son Tim, who this week, arrived from Hong Kong to live with me.  It’s delightful to have him around, and for the first time in ages, I have all my three children with me.  The house is full, there’s a lot of laughter, and I’m enjoying cooking and baking for fully appreciative consumers.  I guess knitted items for teenage boys will start to feature on the knitting menu soon too…

And finally, because it’s the mid-term school holidays and all the kids in the area are home (and obviously living online), and I live in dial-up land, my connection speed has reduced to something like 20kbps.  It’s interminably slow to the point that it’s just a waste of time going online.  It takes 30 minutes just to get connected.  At which point, the connection may choose to terminate without reason, and I have to try again.  Another 30 minutes to load a website… during which time the connection will probably self-terminate again (several times!), and I begin to think of the people in charge of New Zealand’s Internet infrastructure in Very Rude terms.  You get the point.  Unless it’s between 2am and 9am, in which case it seems the little kiddies are obviously in bed and suddenly the connection speed is more like 50kbps.  I’m not bitter.  Or frustrated.  Or angry.  Really.  Actually, yes I am!!!  >:O

This means that posts are going to reduce a little for the next two weeks.  It’s extra-annoying because I have had a rush of inspiration lately, and I have all sorts of pretty designs to show you.  I guess they’ll have to wait until the lines are clear again.

Coming up:  The Blue Danube is very close to publication, as is another hat/scarf design in alpaca I’m tentatively calling Aviator.

Here’s a sneak peak:

Stay tuned!


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5 thoughts on “Hello, good-bye and wait

  1. This hat is truly lovely! If I wasn’t making four pairs of gloves, one jersey, one laptop sleeve, and one scarf, I’d consider casting on right away. Ooops, must wait for the pattern.
    As for the dial-up – you can’t possibly know how I emphasise with this. However, my connection with often is not too bad. Not really acceptable, mind you, but just bearable for the price of $3.95 per month. Sabine

    PS Sorry I appear as a guest, but of course I’ve forgotten my username as well as my password :- ᵮ

  2. Oh! I like that!!! Aviator? why? Looking forward to see it in full!! Bad luck with the internet speed, but just think of all the knitting you’ll get done instead of being online!!!! xxx

  3. If only I could find a way to get her there, I’d gladly give you my kitty – yes, the one that peed on the Jade Saphire shawl i was knitting. I haven’t forgiven her. The shawl is finished and odor-free at the moment, after soaking in baking soda, fiber wash and Febreze.

  4. Aww, such a shame about the kitty, he was so cute. At least you got a taste of kitty ownership though 🙂 I love the brim on Aviator! Looking forward to seeing it in full.

  5. I love the lacey pattern on the green hat! very nice 🙂 pity about duskie tho 😦