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Free pattern: Blue Danube hood and scarf


At long last, here is the pattern for the Blue Danube Hood and Scarf!

Free Pattern – Blue Danube hood and scarf

With many thanks to my very patient and skilful test knitters – Karen, Inger and Felicity!

Working with these lovely ladies, I have adjusted the width of the scarf slightly so that it now has a narrower border than the scarf you see in the pic above.  This has helped prevent the edges curling and gives the scarf a more delicate look.

I’ve also adjusted the width of the ribbing around the face to make it a little narrower.  I’ve chosen to use ribbing because it helps to draw the fabric in around the face (keeping the wind out) and fix it in place if you wear it half-off the face like I do in this picture.  Play around with the edging and try garter or seed stitch if you prefer a less structured look.

Another pretty suggestion from Karen was to put a small crochet edging around the hood. I’ve included these optional instructions in the pattern.

Yarn used:  Flagstaff Alpacas multi-dyed 8 ply (DK) 100% alpaca

Needles:  4.50mm (US 7)

Sizing:  One size fits all.

Happy knitting!


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5 thoughts on “Free pattern: Blue Danube hood and scarf

  1. Gorgeous! Really gorgeous. I have some baby alpaca that I may have to spin up for this 🙂

  2. Thanks! i’m getting a great collection of your patterns and i knit every one of them – usually more than once. I might do this in some buffalo that i’ve been hoarding for awhile.

  3. That looks lovely. It’s so chic!