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Free pattern: The Andy Scarf


When I first showed you the Blue Danube, I mentioned that the scarf attached to it was knittable as a separate piece.  But I’ve not released it as a “free standing” pattern yet. So here it is, for your enjoyment:

Free pattern – The Andy scarf

Yarn:  Flagstaff Alpacas multi-dyed 8 ply (DK) 100% alpaca
Needles:  4.5mm

Background on this scarf’s development is here.

Happy Knitting!


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4 thoughts on “Free pattern: The Andy Scarf

  1. Thank you. It looks like it’s another project to add to my list xx

  2. It looks gorgeous, the colours show wonderfully in that light! Clever you! xxx

  3. that’s pretty! if only scarves didn’t take so long to knit…

    • The scarf bit did take a little while. But it’s one of those things you can happily take with you as ‘waiting’ knitting or while watching TV, so it’s not actually so bad. And it’s knitted on 5mm needles, which does make the knitting go faster…