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Roly Meow Tse Tung


You may recall a recent post where we found a lost kitty who stayed with us for a week before his owners reclaimed him.  We were very sad to see him go, so sad that we decided we did want a kitty of our own after all.

Then early one morning this weekend the phone rang – it was my landlord advising me that someone in the community had kittens to give away.  We should hurry before they all went!

And look who came home with us:

Meet Roly Meow Tse Tung (pronounced Roly Mousey Tongue)!

For those of you who speak Chinese, yes, this is a corruption of the proper pronunciation, but this is a name for a cat after all!  Already, he is becoming a little chairman in our household though – I’m not sure the name isn’t completely apt…

Little Roly is 10 weeks old.  He’s such a cutie!

The kids are very happy to have him come to stay and are having loads of fun with a little ball of playful fluff (with tiny little claws).

All I can say is… he’d better stay away from my yarn!


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12 thoughts on “Roly Meow Tse Tung

  1. Aawwwww, what a beautiful little kitten! I bet you are all wondering how you ever lived without him! Not a day goes past that we don’t enjoy our wee cats. As they say here in Ireland, ‘Health to enjoy!’.X

  2. he is seriously cute! I love ginger cats and he looks all soft and squidgy, exciting! I wonder if Raymond would want a kitten?

  3. Awwww, so cute! Good luck with keeping your yarn away.

  4. He looks so lovely, wondered how long it would take you to fill the gap!!!

  5. He is so sweet and I LOVE his name, its perfect and really suits him. Is he sitting next to a white cushion or is that rug about to envelope him?? 🙂 Kittens are the best!

  6. ooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Congratulations! My one piece of advice – get him accustomed to having his nails clipped frequently!
    I have a rescue cat whom I named Dilly Llama…:)

  8. He is gorgeous, my kittens don’t normally play with my yarn now; but occasionally excitement gets the best of them; a sharp ‘uh uh’ usually does the job now. They’re currently playing out in the snow, having a wonderful time with the boys.

  9. whoops, forgot to mention ours are now 10 months old and black; showed up beautifully in this mornings snowfall.

  10. Oh, he its adorable! Love the name, so cute and funny 🙂