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Inspiration: Anemone


I love going to the beach.  Especially beaches with rock pools, where you can potter about for hours gazing into those lovely underwater gardens, watching the sea creatures going about their day-to-day business.  My favourite time to go is in winter, at dusk.  That’s when all the little critters start to get active and come out of the holes or from under rocks where they’ve been hiding all day.

You also get to enjoy some fabulous sunsets…

The animals I find most fascinating are the sea anemones, of which there are several types at my local beach.

This one is crazy cute:

Doesn’t it look like it’s wearing baggy, stripey PJs!?

This little beauty was particularly inspiring:

I liked both its patterning and its colours.  It made me want to knit something in that scheme!

When I got home, I rustled in my stash to see if I had anything that matched.

Look what I found!

This is a combination of possum yarns from The Wool Company and Zealana, a bit of New Zealand merino yarn that I dyed a while ago using lichen, some eco-dyed yarn from a small New Zealand merino yarn producer Ihakara Wools, and some of Stansborough‘s Mythral.

And now to have some fun with it!!  🙂

PS:  My dial-up Internet connection appears to be behaving itself magnificently since my massive grizzle over its performance.  I’m making the most of it by pumping out the posts while it lasts!


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8 thoughts on “Inspiration: Anemone

  1. I love the purple-tipped tentacles!

  2. gorgeous photos! That sunset is lovely, I could only see the top of last night’s sunset over the top of the hills, oh to see it in it’s full glory!
    Stitch and bitch is on again tonight, I’m not sure if I’m going becuase I’m still a germ machine, but the other ladies will and they are lovely if you want to go along and meet them!
    See you soon

  3. So beautiful. We don’t have those little guys on our beaches.

  4. Those anemone are so cute, can’t wait to see what that has inspired 🙂

  5. Really adore these photo’s ! Those anemones are beauties.. makes me curious about the knitting indeed..

  6. such fascinating creatures ! i our sea ( the north sea ) you see only gellyfish and shrimps 😦

  7. Oh wow, gorgeous photos! That sunset is stunning and the stripey anemone is so cute!