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The Garter-Stitch Boyfriend Cardi


You may remember that a couple of inspiration posts back I was trying to decide whether to knit a sweater, skirt or cardigan.  As many of you sensibly pointed out at the time, it made sense to knit the cardigan first, as it is for my daughter and it would save me the trouble of posting it all the way to the UK at a later date.

I have been diligently knitting the cardigan ever since.

Someone has been impatiently hovering over its progress, with daily reminders of her current lack of cold weather kit…  I was eager to finish it too, so I could get on to more interesting projects.  The ‘mindless’ knit requirement that I spoke of in that post has rather worn off now that I’ve finished my current batch of designs.

So here it is, finished last night:

Someone is very happy with it.  She’s looking a little peeved due to the antics of a certain impudent 14 yr old in the background…

Knitted in Zealana’s new Heron yarn, a beautifully light and soft worsted-weight faux-single spun yarn.  The colouring style of this yarn is a melange (or heathered).  This particular colourway is called Lichen, and it’s a gorgeous, soft sea green.  It’s fiendishly difficult to photograph correctly, but I’ve done my best in the photos you see above.  This photograph is the most accurately reflective of its colour:

This pattern is from Zealana’s Seasonless book, and is called the Garter-Stitch Boyfriend Cardi.  I used 13 balls of Heron for this cardigan.  I am also about to also add patch pockets, which are additional to the pattern, but a requirement from Miss Sylvia.

I thought I’d stop and talk about the yarn a bit more.  When it was first released, I reviewed Heron in this post.  Since then, I’ve designed Evelyn in it, as well as knitted a pair of mittens, another cowl and a hat in it.  But Heron really comes into its own in a larger garment size.  Like its cousin Karui, it has incredible drape – I have tried to give you a sense of this in the WIP photo.  It isn’t as ‘fluffy’ as the other possum yarns, which is an advantage for people who aren’t so much into the halo effect.  However, it doesn’t lose any of the typical warmth or snuggliness of possum yarns in doing so.  This particular yarn is so light (think “aerated” almost) and soft (think almost felted spongey) that I can’t think of any other yarn I’ve come across that is similar.  It’s one-of-a-kind!

Best of all, Miss “I hate scratch” has worn it non-stop since she received it fresh off the needles last night and hasn’t complained of itch once!  Bonus.

I originally bought this yarn to knit myself a cardigan or sweater, and now I’m going to have to get myself more so that I too, can enjoy the rich cuddliness that is Heron!

If you want to see something else designed in this yarn, check out the recent Vogue Knitting Early Fall issue – there’s a coat from Mari Lynn Patrick in it, and it looks simply stunning!  And coming soon, is an eagerly awaited Zealana pattern book – Adventurous, featuring Heron yarn.  Both products are featured on Zealana’s website, which I’ve linked to here.  I’m looking forward to knitting something from the book!


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8 thoughts on “The Garter-Stitch Boyfriend Cardi

  1. There are so many lovely things to knit and not nearly enough time. I love that boyfriend cardi. I wish there were someone in my family who knit and would make me sweaters.
    (That all blue sweater in Adventurous looks like a wonderful thing to knit as well.)

  2. And I wish my knitting skills were ready for a sweater! lol 🙂 This one does look possible . . . Your sweater is beautiful, and I love the yarn colors.

  3. That is nice!!!

  4. I would love that cardigan tooooo! The colour is really nice and it looks so cozy!

  5. Beautiful yarn, beautiful sweater and beautiful girl! 🙂

  6. My goodness, there has been a lot of lovely knitting going on here since my last visit. The boyfriend cardigan is gorgeous, my daughter has spied it too and loves it, especially as it’s knitted with anti-scratch yarn…………….she is looking at me with those puppy dog eyes in the hope of procurring a boyfriend cardigan of her very own……….I feel a new knitting project coming on.

    lily x

    • You’re so funny! 😀 I’m sure your daughter would love to boyfriend cardi if you knit it. It’s my daughter’s constant companion (thank goodness – at last, a pattern and yarn she likes!)

  7. That is lovely! The yarn is gorgeous. It looks like a hug in a cardigan!

    (ps sorry for all the comment bombing – I’m catching up on some blog reading!)