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Hooray!! We’re having a proper winter day!!  The weather forecasters were correct, and it did indeed snow yesterday!  More is predicted today, and I am hoping they are right!

What a lovely day it is today:

I know this isn’t much compared to what many of you in the Northern Hemisphere experience in winter, but for sea level Wellington, New Zealand, this is amazing!!

We were worried we’d miss out on playing in the snow if it didn’t settle, so the kids (and I!) got out in it even before it had stopped:

What fun!!

Stay tuned for more knitting news.  I have so much to tell you, and so much to show, including the just released, hot-off-the-mill Stansborough Mythral 100% wool!  Ooooh, it’s soooo pretty…!  I have to show you a sneaky peek:

What amazing lustre!  I just love the colours… in addition to what you see above, there’s a beautiful, deep cherry red.  And if you can’t wait, and just have to touch and sniff for yourself, head down to the Holland Road Yarn Company where they arrived on Friday!

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19 thoughts on “Snowtopia

  1. Did any schools close for the snow?

    And I’m really looking forward to your review of Mythral. It looks stunning!

    • Not yet, although if the weather continues as it was late this afternoon, I don’t expect the boys will be going tomorrow. Roads were closed all over the city, and we barely made it home before ours was closed too!! It’s just a spot compared to places where it snows as a matter of course, but we’re so not set up for it!

  2. The Mythral looks gorgeous! Glad you had fun in the snow..I can wait for ours to appear!

  3. I’m so excited for you! Snow is so fun 🙂 It looks like you got a fair bit considering your location. The Mythral looks wonderful. I can just imagine how it must shine in person! I looks like it would be stunning when worked up. I wish we had more fun yarny shops around where I live. Wool just isn’t a big thing around here so a lot of the yarn is either highly commercial or synthetic.

    • And we got heaps and heaps more today! I could get used to this! That’s such a shame you don’t have any fun yarn shops where you are. Hopefully it will change?

  4. Just popped in at 2am! can’t sleep so doing a bit of fingerless glove love! So happy for you that you have the snow… have fun!! Looking forward to your next post sounds like it’ll be exciting! xx

  5. OK so everyone that enjoys snow must not live in parts of the United States. I would love watching it on TV not living through it like our last winter LOL!

    • LOL! My daughter shares your opinion as she stares out the window in dismay… ;-D. I tell her she’d better get used to it. Where she’s going to study, they get lots. Every winter.

  6. Hello from Minnesota. I love snow! Judy

  7. Mythral looks lovely I would love the cherry red! Hope you get more snow to have fun in and love the new header 🙂

    • Oh my gosh, so MUCH snow!! My local area looks like a a snowy mountain scene! I only hope there’ll be some of it to play with when we wake up tomorrow am and it hasn’t all melted overnight.

  8. It’s like being on the moon! Snow was drifting past my classroom window all day and it was like bieng in a snow globe… great fun untilyou have to actually get anywhere around wellington! We are not set up for this sort of weather ha ha
    Love the mythral in HRYC, it inspired me and Mum to have a try at overdying her romney fleece and it looks amaaaaaazing! Dare I say, even better than dyed white fleece?
    Love the new header too

    • I was saying the same thing today as we slipped and swerved our way over the snowy hill to get home – we’re not set up for it!! Sure is fun though. I can imagine your mum’s Romney would look amazing over-dyed.

  9. haha -living in your element now eh sis 🙂

  10. It’s soooooo hot here, that looks fantastic!! ~Cat

  11. we just loved watching it snowing in sunny Newtown. My daughter got her first experience of snow and took a second (literally) out from her influenza to nip outside for a quick sampling.