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But, there’s a cat on my lap!


Little kitties are very distracting…

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They curl up in your lap, a beautifully warm ball of fur, and purr contentedly, little rhythmic rumbles so pleasing to the ear.  It’s addictive incentive to keep stroking the kitty so the pretty noises continue…

His fur is so soft, his whiskers so cute!  The only thing about a kitty is that if you knit, he thinks it’s time to play… Bad cat!

Awww… cute kitty.  You can stay.  I’ll put the knitting down for just a wee bit…

Oh look!  Now you’ve gone to sleep!

This is actually Roly’s favourite place.  He sees me sitting down in my working chair, and immediately makes a purposeful beeline for my lap.  He curls up into a furry orange ball to sleep on the nice warm ‘cushion’, which obligingly doesn’t move for hours on end, with the bonus of nice cuddles.

The only thing is, once he’s sleeping there so comfortably, it’s hard to disturb his peaceful slumber to get up to do the things you need to do…

When not on my lap, he likes to do this:

So funny!  When the weather is bad, the chickens decide to sit on my doorstep, where it’s sheltered.  Roly finds them immensely fascinating.

Isn’t it such a joy to have a kitten in your life!


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10 thoughts on “But, there’s a cat on my lap!

  1. Precious 🙂 My Mina is the same way! It really is ridiculous how much we can dote upon our little furry companions when they’re all cute and curled up! Cats/kittens are so sweet and sour at the same time. If you find a way to train Roly to stay off and away from your yarn, please share your secret!

  2. Enjoy the purrs while they are little, Marmalade kept me awake for hours last night (and the night before that, and that and that and that…..) with LOUD purrs!! I’ll post a piccy on my blog to pre warn you!!


  3. Lovely lovely post

  4. Oh my goodness!! He is so adorable!!! I love that last photo. My Rose will sit on my desk directly in front of my while I knit. It’s cute until she starts pushing yarn off my desk. 🙂

  5. you’ll find that they also get on your lap just as you are thinking “I really need to get up and do….”

  6. Kittens are excellent lap-warmers. (and puppies too)

  7. Waht a nice kitteh! That pic of him looking at the chicken thru the glass is so cool!

  8. Lovely, and the last photo is awesome!
    We have an adopted wild-ish cat (OK, she adopted us!) and she is slowly learning to trust, but she loves when I sit down to knit, and really wants to curl up on my knee, she is almost there!

  9. Gorgeous! He looks like a baby Fred. I only got Fred when he was 12 months old, so I never saw him really little. But a little word of warning…5 years on, my orange ball of fur still makes a bee-line for my lap when I sit down to work, and me playing with wool means him playing with wool.