Cheryl’s scarf: A free pattern

Here we go, the pattern for Cheryl’s scarf:  Free pattern – Cheryl scarf

I’ve named this scarf in honour of Cheryl Eldridge of Stansborough, who has put in nearly 20 years of hard work to breed the Stansborough Grey sheep.  The wool from these sheep now go into the most beautiful, classic fabrics for interiors and garments, and stunning costumes for iconic movies shot in New Zealand.  Very luckily for us knitters and crocheters, it’s now also a yarn for us to create the most pretty things for ourselves and our loved ones!

An easy knit, this scarf plays with gauge, using extreme changes in needle size to create texture and flow.  Try adapting this pattern to suit your own preference for texture and size by changing needle sizes up or down.

Yarn:  5 x balls Stansborough Mythral DK 100% pure New Zealand wool.

Knitted measurements:  15cm (6”) wide x 210cm (84”) long.

As I know that not everyone is currently able to get hold of Stansborough’s unique new yarn, alternative yarns in 100% pure wool with a lofty spin would achieve a similar effect.

I hope you have fun knitting your own Cheryl’s scarf!

8 thoughts on “Cheryl’s scarf: A free pattern

  1. Congrats to your new agency and a lovely pattern! (Love the shot too… the rocks texture and the scarf toghether – yummy!) Checked out the Mythril yarn – it seems just perfect for the Lothlorien cape. You should give it a try! Finished mine yday and I am so happy with it – just far too warm here to use it yet…

    Have a nice day!

  2. Thanks for sharing this pattern! Probably won’t be able to get my hands (easily) on Mythril but will definitely knit up this gorgeous scarf in something comparable. When I do get a chance to try Stransborough yarns, I most definitely will.

  3. I agree with MiA; your photography is as lovely as your designs. Thank you for sharing this pattern!

  4. Gosh that scarf looks cozy. It looks like I’ll never stop knitting. There is always another exciting pattern to work on!

  5. I’m actually commenting on your more recent post about your hat – for some reason I couldn’t find the button for leaving a comment on that post…
    I was thinking you must not have an issue with hat hair, something which plagues me horribly and makes me wonder whether I should go like the Queen and wear headscarves instead…

    1. Thanks for pointing out the issue with commenting. I’m not sure why that has happened. Have to look into it!

      For me, there are two secrets to hat hair – No.1, wear a hat that isn’t tight. No.2, fluff your hair up after your take your hat off. 😉

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