Market day hat

In winter, I like to wear a hat when at the Sunday farmers’ market where I get my fruit and veges.  It’s an outdoor market, and there’s usually a brisk breeze blowing (it’s Wellington after all).  My head gets chilled and my hair gets blown everywhere if I don’t wear one!

My favourite hat is Nicky Epstein’s Chameleon Hat.  It has unfortunately stretched for some reason – I did knit it a little too big at the time, so I guess time and wear have made their mark.  The old hat was knitted in a lovely pure wool, and I loved its feel and texture. It had a complicated stitch design, and I liked that part too.  Here it is:

Rather than just reknit another in the same pattern, I decided to design one with similar qualities:

Stansborough Mythral proves to be a most excellent yarn for this design.  The stitch is a chevron-style that echoes the Chameleon, but is different.  When combined with Mythral, turns out to be rather addictive to knit…

I couldn’t put it down…

Yay!  I have something new to wear tomorrow!

This pattern will be available in three sizes – small, medium and large.  Once I’ve knitted up a couple more samples and made a minor modification to this original, I will release it as another pattern in the Stansborough collection.

Hope you’re having a good weekend. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Market day hat

  1. Loving the pattern you’ve come up with for your hat, and the free scarf pattern in the previous post is delicious, I’m determined to knit one for myself, come rain or shine……….famous last words.

    lily x

  2. You are a designing machine! Can’t believe how quickly you design and knit all these beautiful things up!
    I love the little peek into your sketchbook too 🙂

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