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Hello, Spring


Hello, Spring

I’m never very pleased to see you.  Now that you’re here, I guess I should enjoy some of your pretty colours.

Your pinks and greens really float my boat.  And one day, I shall find the perfect yarn to represent this fleeting moment before the leaves burst forth, and the green of summer takes over.

But what’s this…?

Hmm… do you think a little Spring has managed to edge itself into my knitting??

Helene is busy with her dye pots, cooking me up a batch of pretty green 12 ply, core spun yarn.  I have the perfect project in mind for it!!

Now, I just need to finish the last little ball of this:

And I’ll be ready for another lovely, woolly project to take my mind off the warming temperatures.

Take your time, Spring.  I’m quite happy for you to keep the blossoms away for just a little longer.

Yours hopefully



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8 thoughts on “Hello, Spring

  1. You´re so lucky to have such fabulous yarns and colours – very jealous! Lovely blog…just stubbled across it.

  2. What a beautiful green! That captures the “springiness” quite well I think. It looks fun to work with 🙂 What project do you have in mind? Care to share or is it a surprise?

  3. It seems so strange to be reading about you having spring and we are coming to the end of our Summer (not that there really has been much of one, plenty of overcast days and rain) but bring on the Autumn. I have to say I love Autumn and Spring, not a fan of Summer at all (have not been graced with legs fit for shorts so love it when Summer calls to keep my jeans on!!

    I love the willow, funny how I was checking out your blog link to Zealana as I need another ball of the Rimu to finish off the Annibell hat (loved the trellis pattern) and saw the Willow in that colour way< and got me thinking…). UK suppliers?

    Hope your well and your daughter has/is settleing in OK. Nice green yarn.

    Colette xx

  4. Lovely photography (again) and lovely yarn (of course!). 🙂

  5. Wow, what a perfect spring green! You’re making me wish for warmer days again. Things are starting to (seriously) cool off here in the UK. Goodbye summer!

  6. I saw that happy go knitty core spun when I was at Holland Road the other day, such beautiful colours it was hard to say no, but I managed! Looking forward to seeing wat you make with it!

  7. Thanks for the post! The green is hanging to dry and will be with you in a few days. I hope you will like it!

  8. Oh No! If it’s Spring there, it must be Fall here. That means W-I-N-T-E-R will not be far behind! Better keep knitting!