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Birthday cake


Start with blackberry jelly:

Fold it into whipped mascarpone cream:

Bake a chocolate sponge:

Melt chocolate:

Now put it all together:

Give it to a happy boy to decorate:


Happy Birthday, Tim!

Nom, nom.


Author: kiwiyarns

Welcome to my blog where I talk about knitting in New Zealand and the beautiful yarns you can find here.

13 thoughts on “Birthday cake

  1. I love how a skein of yarn and some needles made it into one picture.

  2. Audry, that is just what I was thinking too!!

    Hope Tim has a lovely Birthday xx

  3. Gosh that cake looks yummy! Lucky boy 🙂 Happy Birthday Tim! And yes, I spied the yarn too 😉

  4. Happy Birthday Tim, fellow September baby……..that cake looks delicious.
    lily x

  5. I gained weight just reading this entry! lol

  6. You made me hungry!
    Happy birthday to the recipient of the cake!

  7. I had to share your post with my daughter who loves to bake and loves mascarpone cream and chocolate cake! We also couldn’t help noticing the skein of yarn and knitting needles by Tim and his cake … all love!

  8. Great! How do you do the chocolate sponge without flour?
    I just love all the other ingrediences, and not to use flour does make it even better!!!!
    So a recipe would be great!
    Thank you
    don’t wonder about my english I’m from germany and a new follower of your blog.
    It’s great to read and see some bit’s and pieces from life in N.Z. and I whish one day I manage to come over…
    but till then I’ll eat N.Z. style cake and knit with possum yarn….

  9. YUMM – Why are you so good at everything you do !!