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Inspiration: Creekbed


The last time I was at the Wellington yarn store Holland Road Yarn Company, the First Fall 2011 issue of Knitty was still circulating in my head.  The Knitsch yarns lying alluringly in their cubbies looked like a perfect match for Stephen West’s Creekbed circulating in my head… of course a few of those gorgeous skeins had to come home with me.

Then I discovered the most complimentary match from Fibre Alive sitting in my stash!

A little bit of balling…

A little bit of swatching…

Hmm.  I don’t like that pale colour in the middle.  (Scratch in the stash…)

Oooh… this is better!

I think we have lift off.  I’m hyperventilating!!!!


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11 thoughts on “Inspiration: Creekbed

  1. Got a fuzzy buzz from these colours! Excited to see what you’re doing…. Is it very soft or just snuggly?! Xxxxx

    • It’s actually very soft and very snuggly – I’m using 3.25mm needles as per the pattern. The looser tension (as opposed to sock yarn tension) allows the yarn room to soften up incredibly when washed. The swatch I’ve done is soooo soft I can’t wait to wear the finished project!!

  2. Wise decision — your revised color combinations are blooming beautifully. We’re heading into autumn here on the east coast of the US so soft and snuggly is just the mood I’m in. Happy knitting.

  3. I need that yarn!! Is it available in the US?

  4. I love your final color combination. And snuggly sounds good. 🙂

  5. it’s going to be amazing! Love those knitchy colours, looking forward to seeing it modelled! Will you have it finished by tuesday? (of course!)

  6. Frickin’ gorgeous! Love, love, love the colors!!!!!!

  7. Naughty ginger-puss in the background wants to play with the wool i suspect:)