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The neck warmer


I’ve been creating…

It’s another Stansborough Mythral number.

I thought I’d do a small thing that only took a ball.  The buttons are decorative, as I don’t trust buttons to keep knitwear together.  But I rather like the effect.  The matt, galvanised steel buttons perfectly match the naturally heathered metal grey colour of the Stansborough Grey wool.

Mythral is gorgeous and so nice to work with.  This particular number is knitted in Royal Mythral.  The loft, the lustrous liquid silver drape of it! Happy sigh. 🙂

The stitch pattern is a variation of waffle rib, an old stitch that I haven’t seen in recent patterns. I came across it in one of my vintage books and thought it should have an airing in a modern style.  I’ve used the ‘wrong’ side, which I think suits this design nicely.

I’m sorry my posts have been a bit Mythral heavy of late.  I’m under deadline to produce a few supporting patterns for the Mythral yarn, which is beginning to attract interest from around the world – which means that overseas readers may see it in yarn stores soon!!

Pattern for this yet unnamed neck warmer will be up soon!

I’ve got one more pattern to do before I can relax a little.  And then I can show you a number of other things that have me very excited.  Including this:

See you soon!


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16 thoughts on “The neck warmer

  1. It’s lovely!
    Looking forward to seeing waht you’re up to with that… is it heron? I’ve been eyeing up that colourway in KW but it’s not a colour for me :O( Boo
    Have a nice week X

  2. Gorgeous!! Xxxx

  3. I like this stitch a lot…in my book a short 1 ball project can be good for both the pocket and the ego.

  4. That shade of grey has to be one of my favourite colours of all time, the pattern is beautiful………I hope we see some of this gorgeous yarn in UK stores in the near future. x

  5. Very nice, I like the decorative buttons also. I don’t trust buttons and knitwear either! I like the sneak peek…..looks very tempting 🙂

  6. I have to say grey is one of my favourite colours and I love wearing neckwarmers to add to an outfit while keeping warm as autumn creeps upon us. I’m wearing a shawl I knit as a neckwarmer today and I feel like a million dollars!

  7. What a pretty neck warmer! Serves a purpose while still being stylish 🙂 And the buttons were the perfect addition to it! They really set it off nicely. It’s fun seeing the different projects with the Myrthral! Don’t apologize. You’re just doing your job and doing a fine job of it, and making me jealous in the process! Looking forward to the potential of getting my hands on some of it here in the US!

  8. Nice stitch it looks light and warm

  9. Hello, looks nice, do like the colour of that. Thank you for the ball to finish off my hat, hopefully your selection should be with you soon xx

    Wet and cold here in the UK, better get that hat finished. Might even have enough for a thin scarf, Just realised I’ll then have a set!!!

  10. First of all, you look beautiful! Second of all, one can never have too many neckwarmers and this new design is such a perfect accessory. I imagine that it knits up quickly (i.e. good for a last-minute gift) and is scrumptiously warm. Love the color, too!

  11. Looks lovely, though I suspect that grey is not my colour. I must be getting old because I really feel the cold around my neck and shoulders these days…