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Inspiration, or a fickle brain?


You know how you’re trucking along on a project, and all of a sudden, out of the blue, a wee voice pipes up inside your head that says “I’m bored… can we knit something else now?”

Most often, this happens when I’m knitting something that isn’t really firing my ‘love it’ box. It may be that I’ve simply been looking at my lovely wool collection for too long, and a little itch to start something new begins…

Or, I’ve seen something that has fired the imagination:

I am not a fan of having unfinished WIPs sitting around the house.  So I steel my self-will, and continue knitting, telling myself that ‘something new’ needs to wait. Sometimes though, the itch refuses to go away and becomes a raging rash of “find something else to knit NOW or else!!!!!”

When this happens, I do one of two things:

1.  I go to the screaming stash (if that’s what it is) and spend a few minutes cuddling and squishing yarn.  I select something that particularly speaks to me, and I put it on my ‘next on the list’ pile.  That soothes the itch for a bit.

2.  I go to Ravelry, and spend a few minutes drooling over patterns.  I might favourite or queue a few patterns for later, and that often helps too.

Then I go back to finish the project I’m working on.

With the current case of “Knit-me-Now-itis”, this strategy wasn’t working.  I have yarn queued.  Lots of it.  And for some unknown reason, nothing on Ravelry really appealed.

Then, this morning, I remembered Rowan.  It has probably got something to do with a box of rather beautiful Rowan Fine Tweed sitting on my bedside table…

This came in a swap with the lovely Colette and I already know what I’ll do with it.

I got rather distracted in Rowan’s free pattern section…

Droolworthy candidate no.1:  Bailey

Droolworthy candidate no.2:  Camelford

Both of these patterns are designed in Rowan’s Colourscape Chunky.  However, this yarn is sooooo expensive here that it’s just not possible to afford $200 for 5 skeins of Colourscape from the local yarn store.  I wish I could use Rowan, as I think it is beautiful yarn, and in the UK, it looks reasonably priced.  However, in this instance, I shall have to improvise.

Zealana’s Tui is the same weight as Colourscape [cheeky giggle].  I think I might just see something knitted in a bit of Tui coming up…

As for the other, I think I will use some of Anna Gratton’s Little Wool Company 12 ply naturals. Delicious, naturally coloured New Zealand Corriedale yarn.  It has a crisp texture and will give good stitch definition.

Given what I’ve come up with, I’m assuming that the bit of inspiration from this weekend has worked its naughty influence on my subconscious knitting choices…

The itch has finally been soothed for a bit, but when am I going to knit these beauties?  I have one more shop sample to knit, plus a number of smaller projects I have promised others.  Not to mention the designs I’m currently working on.  If I’m lucky, I’ll get to start them in a week or so.

It makes me wonder though.  When I get inspired to knit something new, am I being truly inspired?  Or is my brain doing a fickle number on me?  What do you do when you suddenly become inspired to knit something new?


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11 thoughts on “Inspiration, or a fickle brain?

  1. I have TOTALLY enjoyed reading your blog this morning! And those yarns are scrumptious, so good luck getting something else rolling onto those needles.

  2. I’m afraid I’m very easily seduced into starting a new project, whether it be knitting or stitching……..I try to give myself a good talking too but very rarely does it work and before I know it I’m casting on again……………I have zero willpower and if I was faced with that lovely box of yarn next to my bed I would find it impossible to resist.
    lily x

  3. I wish I had your discipline. I am rather prone to ‘startitus’. I am currently finishing off a scarf requested by my nephew, working on Christmas projects and I have just started a City & Guilds course in Hand Knitted Textiles. All of which I am loving but now you have just published your pattern for the Mythral Neck Warmer – I have just the yarn for it – it is in my yarn basket calling me…….. What do I do?

    • Ah the trials of being a knitter! 😉 I’m glad I’m not the only one with this affliction. Selfishly, I say cast on the neck warmer! Although seriously… I suppose it depends on what it’s going to do to your stress levels. I find I don’t cast on simply because I can’t bear the pressure of all those unfinished objects looking at me!

  4. I try not to have more than three projects going at once. I allow myself that limit (normally) if the itch is REALLY bad I say heck with it and start a fourth! If one of my current WIPs is smaller, I try to hold off until the smallest one is complete to start a new project. I think I like your 1st candidate is certainly a good one! Bailey looks cute and comfy. Which color(s) do you think you’ll end up using?

    • Sounds like a disciplined approach! I think I will use Zealana’s pretty soft pink in Tui for Bailey. Although I did buy the yarn to make one of the tops in the Seasonless pattern book, so now I’m torn! Either that, or a natural dark chocolate wool yarn from Little Wool Co. .

  5. Love the photo of the tree, and that you take your inspirations from nature. 🙂 I have four projects going right now: a shoulder scarf I’ve been working on too long, an afghan for a new little relative, felted dwarf hats for Halloween, and I just started a conceptual piece about the sky (which will take a year to do). Most of my new starts are driven by need; the wants I gather the yarn for, and then look at longingly, telling myself to finish what I’m doing first. 🙂

  6. It’s funny that you would have a picture of cabled tree bark up. I’ve actually got a pattern in mind with that kind of erratic cabling.

    As for start-itis. I find myself getting overwhelmed by ideas, so I usually have a stick-it note around with a list of things I want to knit. It helps me stay focused on what I’m working on rather than having a bunch of ideas bounce around in my head.

    • Isn’t that funny! I’ve been looking at new designs coming up, and I think cabling is one of the big things for this winter. It’s a wonder how the general knitty vibe travels.

      My idea log is a notebook stuffed full of drawings and scribbles. There are just too many ideas aren’t there!! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your designs coming up.

  7. I am terrible and start lots of new things all the time. I favourite loads on Ravelry and save patterns into my folder on the computer. I like to have numerous small projects on the go and one big one. They all get done eventually 🙂