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Wrist warmers? Easy fingerless gloves?


I knitted these to keep my wrists and hands warm while I work at my desk.  To me, they are wrist warmers.  Some might call them fingerless gloves because they have a hand section.

What would you call them?

They’re the easiest pattern in the world.  Coming to you soon!


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12 thoughts on “Wrist warmers? Easy fingerless gloves?

  1. Hand Hugs?

    Found that the local is Arts and Craft shop, Herrings in a slightly larger town called Dorchester has a pretty good selection of Ashfords Takapo, Whoops!! Some just had to come home with me, now I have a New Zeland Yarn shelf!!

    Started your neck warmer but knitting it on nights I seem to have lost my place, tomorrow will see me retrace my needle strokes to get back on track. Knitting the DK with 5mm needles makes it so wonderfully soft.

    XXxx keep stroking my yarn, yours is by your bed, mine is next to the kettle in the kitchen. Jasper now thinks I am not only mad but totally crazy too!!

    • You are too funny! Tekapo is Alice’s favourite crochet yarn I believe. I think you’ll find it makes great hard-wearing gear.

      I love knitting DK with larger needles. The fabric does feel so much softer and more supple than with 4mm. And if you use a yarn that is robust, the looser tension doesn’t matter at all.

      My kids came to that conclusion a long time ago… 😉

      • The tekapo is £6.50 a ball, that is about 13.20 NZ$ does that sound about right? Alice has good taste!! Funny how when I have seen it before I have always though of it as a bit scratchy, but sitting here making a start on yet another project, (I am far from disiplined) i am finding it really lovely to crochet with. Your hand hugs will be perfect for the DK you sent.

        Operation clear out and paint absent daughters bedroom is about to get under way!!

      • It’s slightly cheaper here (about NZ$10 a 100g ball). Do soak your Mythral project in hand-hot water with wool wash after you knit it – it will bloom beautifully and soften up even more!

  2. Wrist canoes! Well that’s what they look like to me anyway …

  3. I would call them fingerless gloves…

  4. When I first saw them, I just thought … warmth … cozy… not sure you need to call them anything more than that! And is that the view outside your house?? Really??? xoxo : )

  5. Hmmm, I like the Hand Hugs suggestions. Cute and to the point 🙂 They do look like they do their job very well. I could use a pair of those at my office! Hands do tend to get a bit chilly when typing. Are those done up in your Mythral yarn or something else?

    • They are in Mythral. Well spotted! You could use anything you fancy for them, although I do recommend a hard-wearing yarn simply because they will be subjected to abuse being on the hands. Having said that, I’m rather fancying another pair in Zealana’s fabulous Rimu right at this point!

  6. Cool wrist warmers!