Free pattern: The easiest wrist warmer gloves

I designed these to be wrist warmers.  They could also be called fingerless gloves.  Or hand hugs, or hand canoes as suggested by lovely readers.  I decided to call them “wrist warmer gloves.”  Although I think “hand hugs” is a lovely name too!

I live in a cold house and work from home.  My pullovers don’t quite cover the wrists.  Several hours later, I’m one very uncomfortable girl.  The wrist warmers serve their purpose very well – they keep me warm, toasty and comfortable as I work at my desk.  They are also low enough on the hand so that they don’t restrict movement when I type, knit or drive.  Functional, and pretty!

Extremely simple to make, they are a sideways knit so that you get maximum stretch at both the wrist and fingers.  Just garter stitch, including a few rows of ribbing to add visual interest on the hand.  Sew up the sides to suit your hand size, and you’re done!  You could even add different stripes of colour to jazz them up.

Using between 80m—90m (90—100yd) of DK weight yarn on 3.75mm needles, they’re a nifty Christmas gift, or something quick to make for yourself when you find yourself in need of warm wrists in a hurry.  These are knitted in Stansborough’s beautiful Mythral.

The free pattern is available here –Free pattern – the easiest wrist warmer gloves.

I hope you enjoy knitting them!

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