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A girl and her wardrobe


Have you ever looked in the mirror one day and realised that it was time to review your personal style?  Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who constantly updates their style, but it struck me the other day that time has come for me to do this!

For the past couple of years, I have lived almost exclusively in jeans and sweater.  In summer, if it’s hot, it might be a skirt, a t-shirt and a cardigan.  This has been the general ‘casual’ look for the past decade.  Very simple garments, easy care, low on fuss, big on practicality.  Most likely caused by having a young family to run around after.  However, I sense a change in the wind now that the children are older, and I’m much less likely to get mucky looking after them.

A sense that it’s time to start looking ladylike and perhaps investigate wearing dresses, skirts and more adventurous sweaters has taken over me.  So into the planning for winter knitting (and learning), some thought has gone into how I can update my style. To begin with:

A Gym Slip Dress from the book “Knit 2 Together” by Mel Clark and Tracey Ullman.  It’s very cute and I especially like the lace detail at the waist.  I think it will go fabulously in some non-commercial charcoal grey alpaca/merino blend that I’ve been attempting to knit for a while now.  I especially like how it was modelled with a pair of tall boots.  This is good, because I like my boots, and I did not have many opportunities to wear them this winter! I will do the waist lace panel in a wool crepe though to give it more strength and definition.

Although I have a few cardigans, I only possess one hand-knitted one.  The others are also beginning to look decidedly tatty.  A good excuse to have a go at the Windsor Cardi perhaps.  I had a quick look at how it turned out on others in Ravelry, and it looks universally flattering.  And it’s different to anything else I wear.

However, I still haven’t finished the V-Yoke Cardigan that has languished in my WIP pile for a few months, probably because I started it in winter when it was cold, and I preferred to knit heavier yarns.  Now that Spring has rolled around, I’m feeling the need to start it again.  I already have the pretty Zealana Kiwi yarn for it, and have started the project, so I think I shall complete this before starting any others.  Oops, did I say that?  I did, perhaps, start something new today…

It’s in Noro(!) and another yarn that I shall tell you about later; it’s quick, and it’s so addictive to knit!!

I mentioned in my last post that I had printed the shopping list from my Ravelry queue. Now I’m working through the list to match yarn to pattern with a view to avoiding any more yarn purchases if possible, until I have the yarn that I’ve got down to more manageable levels.  I’m not calling it a Yarn Diet yet, although it is beginning to look like it!

I don’t think I’m too unhappy about it though – I have so many beautiful yarns stored, it’s about time I use them.  I’ve done enough admiration, now I want to enjoy wearing them. Here are some of my swatches for these future projects:

Can’t wait to get started!!!


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8 thoughts on “A girl and her wardrobe

  1. I’ve been going through my stash and matching that to patterns rather than the other way around; once I’m done I might weed out some of the queue items that I don’t have the yarn for now and just pop them back in favourites instead. I think it’ll all look slightly more manageable then. Only slightly though, I have way too much yarn!

  2. Jeans and jumper girl here. I do have this ideal dream ‘grown up’ uniform of tall boots, wooly lights, slip dress and hand knitted cardigan, but also in my dream ideal of this look I am at least two stone lighter!!

    So maybe the jeans and jumpers will be my wardrobe for a few years to come.

    Good luck with the wardrobe!!

  3. Its always fun to reinvent ourselves. Now to be a Yummy Mummy 🙂

  4. Great potentials you have there — anyone of the them will enhance your “new” wardrobe and be fun to knit. I’ve yet to knit with Noro but my LYS owner loves to work with it and everytime I go into her shop, I covet the new Noro project she’s knitting. Looking at your photo, it may be time for me to add Noro to my (ever-growing) stash. xo

  5. I’ve had to re-think my style several times now; post-child, post-marriage, post university, and now that I’m a crone. 🙂 Sounds like you have a pretty good knowledge of your own style, but if you ever want some ideas, I can recommend “Fabulous You,” by Tori Hartman (1995). The general thoughts are very helpful, even if the book is 16 years old (they still have it at Amazon).

  6. Printing off a list and doing a match up sounds like a good idea! Perhaps I should try that this weekend…I try not to buy yarn without a project in mind, but sometimes it just can’t be helped! I’m sure you understand the feeling 🙂 Those cardis you have chosen look very nice. I do hope you get around to finishing your Y-Yoke cardi sometime. Judging by the picture, it looks like it would be a nice one to add to your new wardrobe! It looks like you’re in for some exciting changes!

  7. That Windsor Cardi is really cute. I think it would be a fun addition to your wardrobe.

  8. No, not later; NOW!! I want to hear about the new yarn NOW!! 😥
    Looks pretty and I’m excited to see the wardrobe changes!