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Lace weight by Stansborough


Oooh yum!  Cheryl at Stansborough has just sent me images of the latest yarn being made available to knitters.  This is “Mythral Magic”, and it’s lace weight!

The burgundy and green had me drooling the moment I set my eyes on them!!  I must have some!!!

Just look at this prettiness!!

This 2 ply, lace weight knitting yarn is put up in 50 gm (2 oz) hanks (425m/450yds).  A trial run to ascertain demand, this range of colourways (light grey, mid-grey, dark grey, red, burgundy and green) is currently only available from Stansborough’s website. Stansborough plan to add other shades, including blue and brown as time goes on (and hopefully a gorgeous mustard yellow I’ve seen in some of their other work if I can convince them!)

In contrast to its 8 ply cousin, this yarn is worsted spun, which means that the wool has been combed to force the fibre staples to lie parallel to each other (as opposed to jumbled up in woollen spun). A worsted spin creates a very smooth, lustrous yarn that is extremely hard-wearing and totally ideal for lacework (where you want defined stitches).  To read more about more about how spin affects yarn, have a look at this very informative piece written by Clara Parkes.

I haven’t got my sticky mitts on any of this yarn yet, but will talk about it in more depth when I do.  I’ve already got a project planned for it though!   Annis looks good as it takes only one skein, and it’s an easy pattern.

The best news is that from now to November 30, 2011, postage is free (worldwide) for all mail orders  (except fleece) over NZ$50 (approx US$40/£25).  So if you wanted to try this lovely yarn, now is probably a nice time to get some!   The lace weight retails at NZ$18 per hank.

Contact Stansborough directly at to take advantage of this offer. Otherwise, if you go through the usual online order system on the website, you will be charged the freight as I understand it’s proving difficult to take the freight off at checkout.

Mythral 8 ply (retailing at NZ$12 per ball) is also available, and the same free shipping terms apply.  You can see the colours of Mythral here.

I shall let you know how I get on with the lace!


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7 thoughts on “Lace weight by Stansborough

  1. I like the greys…….. (but would nEVER have the paitence to knit with it, wonder what it crochet like?)

  2. Thanks so much for letting us know about the free shipping. YES! I want to try some, especially that gorgeous greeny skein.

  3. Ooooh, the burgundy and the green were the ones that immediately caught my eye, too! Hmmm, I wonder if I can swing an order right now?

  4. Thanks for the heads up! I think I just might have to take advantage of the free shipping. And I can’t wait to see what you make with the lace. (I’m quite attracted to the burgundy as well.)

  5. I am a huge lace fan – have made lots of Annis’s for myself and gifts, it is a fantastic pattern and quick to make. Any of the designer – Susanna IC – patterns are great and all the one’s I have made work with around the same kind of meterage i.e. 400m.
    Look forward to seeing the finished result – Annis is so good for that extra bit of warmth all year round.

  6. Ohhhhh!! That lime green is just to die for!! Sis will think i gone crazy… She knows I do not like greens, but moss and lime is soooo yummy!! Cant wait until I have the yarns in my hands 🙂