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Colour my world


I’ve had a very exciting day.  Craft 2.0 (a quarterly craft market based in Wellington) was on today, and one of my favourite indie dyers, Happy Go Knitty had a stall there.  I’d heard that delectable BFL (Bluefaced Leicester) sock yarn was on offer.  This was one event I was not going to miss!

Isn’t Helene a talented girl!?  Those hats are hand-dyed and knitted by her.  The pretty colourful cuffs you see have been handspun and hand-dyed by her equally talented sister Mia and then knitted by Helene.

There were pretty crocheted flowers in cotton yarn also hand-dyed, and gorgeous beaded knitted cuffs, but the thing that I had come along for was yarn, of course.  I probably should have taken more photos.  You can see loads of yarn on Helene’s blog and her online sites, so do go and visit if you’d like to see more.

Stalls like this take so much effort and time to prepare for.  I take my hat off to Helene for the variety of knitty goodies she had on offer.

Budget is a bit constrained at the moment, but I had put funds some aside for this, as it’s not every day that you can find BFL in New Zealand!

I’ll tell you a funny story about this yarn.  I have been looking forward to going to see Happy Go Knitty for several weeks, and I started to think about what colour I’d like to get if it was available. This is the exact colour I visualised, right down to the extent and shade of variation.  I was very pleased to see it waiting there, so there was no question of what was going to come home with me!

I’m not sure I can bear to turn this into socks though, it’s so pretty.  The yarn is so ‘sproingy’ and full of bounce that it does seem perfect for them though.  I imagine they will make very cushy socks, so perhaps that’s what they shall be.  It’s about time I knitted another pair.

I find that my head goes into overload spin when I see heaps of gorgeous yarn all in one place, and today was no exception!  When I got home, I realised that all I was knitting was… grey.

I think my world has been a little too grey lately.  Grey weather (rain and rain and more rain), grey yarn, grey clothing.  I’ve also been trying hard to get through a heap of work before the summer school break hits in six weeks, so I’ve been a bit of a hermit, and the mood has become vaguely grey as well.

After that happy injection of Helene’s lovely company and all that pretty colour, the itch to start something colourful was too much!  I visited my queue for the first colourful project in line…

It’s a cotton in pretty pink.  For a certain young lady who hates itchy stuff.  I hope it does the trick.  Having solidly knitted with wool for a while, I’m not liking the contrasting non-stretchiness of the cotton though.  Perhaps those socks might be the thing…

Or perhaps it’s time I knitted this:

This is Happy Go Knitty’s 12 ply core-spun merino.  It’s going to be a cuddly winter hoodie.

Whatever I decide to knit, it will be sure to be not. grey.

Thanks for the lovely inspiration Helene.  🙂

Hope you’re all having a great weekend.


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7 thoughts on “Colour my world

  1. Such beautiful colors!

  2. Really lovely colours. What basic sock pattern do you knit? Have decided to take to work a ‘pair’ of socks to keep in my locker rather then keep taking a basket with a selecion of stuff to work on when i am on nights. have 2.5mm DPN’s and a basic pattern of cast on 60.

    Enjoy your non grey weekend xx

  3. Our worlds certainly do need some color every now and again. Especially after so much grey! I’m very happy that your little expo helped pull you out of your funk 🙂 I was just what you needed! I hope you enjoy your new colors and I’d like to hear how those socks turn out for you!

  4. Thank you so much for this lovely post! It really warms my heart! It was so nice to finally meet you. I hope you enjoy the yarn – I’m sure you will turn it into something amazing! Looking forward to some photos. xxx

  5. I might just have to learn to knit socks after all, now that I’ve seen so many lovely sock yarns. I didn’t go to Craft 2.0 this time – last time I spent about $150 in the first half hour so I didn’t dare!

  6. I know how you are feeling the rush in on to get things done before the school holidays isn’t it. Love that burst of colour 🙂

  7. I needed to see that wonderful photo of Helene’s stall … it’s been a bit gray here, too, and after having lost electricity for four days, a bit dark. I wouldn’t be able to use that beautiful skein for socks either — that color needs to be seen!