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Testing Sylvia


I finished charting the cabled shawl late last week.  It was an effort!

Now I need to know if I have made sense.  My brain is officially fried after all that, and as I’m knitting the shawl, I think I can no longer read the chart.  It seems to read okay, but you know what it’s like when you go on auto-pilot… As a result I’m slightly paranoid that the charts don’t make sense at all and the only one who can possibly read them is me. Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes (or should I say brain).

Would anyone like to test knit a chart or two?  Pretty please?

This is Chart B:

And this is Chart D:

If you’d like to test it, email me (wsleong AT hotmail DOT co DOT nz) and I will be in contact with a file for you.  All testers will receive a free copy of this pattern once I have finished it.  Thank you!!!

This will be the only testing on this shawl as there are no other tricky bits to it and the pattern will be straightforward. In fact, if you’re one of those people who is happy working without a cable needle, you’ll find this shawl is one of those patterns where you can do that. (Although I shall say that while I’m okay without a needle for certain cables, on others I still prefer the safety of my cable needle!)

The pattern uses 4.5mm needles and DK weight yarn.  Wool is the best medium to knit this.

You’re probably wondering why I’ve entitled this post “Testing Sylvia”.  Pondering a name for this shawl, I realised that the name for this shawl was obvious.  Sylvia is an ancient Latin name meaning “woods” or “forest”.  And you may remember that my walks in the forest inspired this shawl.  It so happens that Sylvia is the name of my daughter, and she’s very fond of shawls.  Given the design, the inspiration and the name are so interlinked, it is only fitting that my first-born, pay-for pattern be named for my first-born child.

My darling Sylvia, this one is for you.


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7 thoughts on “Testing Sylvia

  1. Hope you find a good tester ( I would offer but I am crappily slow at knitting I’d be hopeless) I think that is such a lovely thing to do to dedicate your pattern to your daughter.


  2. I would love to test knit it but give me the time frame I’d be working under? Is it just a swatch of the cables you want done or the whole shebang? Love the images so far, that yarn is so yummy!

    • It’s just the swatch of the cables and you can choose to do one or the other, or both if you’re keen! I wouldn’t dream of someone knitting the entire shawl as a test!! 🙂 Time frame – 10 days? I need to finish knitting the shawl, so there isn’t a screaming hurry. We’re talking max 30 stitches x 78 rows if you’re keen, or 30 stitches x 39 at a minimum. Thanks for asking for clarification. Do let me know if you think you could manage it. I’d love you to test it.

  3. There’s something wrong with the site; I can’t ‘Like’ this post multiple times 😡

  4. I can’t wait to get my hands on this pattern and i’d just love to test knit a chart for you!!!

  5. I’ve been avoiding cables, because I’m not generally fond of them. However, that photo of the tree and the lovely things you make with cables make me think I will have to take the plunge. Perhaps once I’ve finished the current projects? 🙂