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Wool is…


In celebration of Wovember, I’m going to do a little photo series of what wool means to me and my world.  I haven’t a hope in the world of winning any photo competition, so I thought I’d just share my images with you.

In this image, it’s what wool means to Roly the cat.  I’m knitting my pure wool shawl (as many of you know) and to Roly, it’s the best thing in the world.  As soon as he sees me sitting down to knit it, he jumps on to my lap and pushes himself under it where he lies for as long as he’s allowed, purring contentedly.

Wool is… cosy.


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16 thoughts on “Wool is…

  1. Love it! The cat and the shawl are both lovely. That grey wool is just divine! How DO cats instinctively know the warmest cosiest place for them to be?

  2. You have to enter that photo! It is so cute and the story behind it. You won’t win without the right attitude 😉 My Tinky likes wool but she likes to chew it so she is banned from my knitting, she sits behind my back on the chair hoping a stray end will fall her way 🙂

    I am planning my photo shoot for next week after I pick up a hat a friend made, I have a fun idea for a photo too….

  3. What a great idea to photo,” What wool means to you”. That photo could certainty win a prize, I love it and the story.
    Have a lovely weekend, xoRobin❤

  4. I agree!! I have plans to start an alpaca lap blanket next year. I will just use leftover Alpaca and add to it as I collect alpaca! With my love for alpaca, who knows how long it might end up.

  5. My cats love wool, too. Am never sure if it is the smell or the warmth! 🙂 Actually, I think you have a very good chance of winning something in the photo competition. Think how often you get complements on your photos. You won’t know if you don’t try. 🙂 And if you don’t win, where is the harm?

  6. My beloved cat, George, died last year. He was 15 years old and his favorite thing to do was sit on my lap while I knitted or crocheted. I’ve surely missed him last winter and know this one will be no better. Enjoy your Roly. He’s darling and I love the wool too.

  7. Ow, how sweet ! And indeed; both cat and shawl look beautiful !

    Little question though; how do you prevent Roly’s nails from getting, let’s say, ‘too involved’ with your knitting ? ( as that seems to be a wee bit troublesome over here…. )

    • For the most part, Roly knows that if he wants to enjoy the comfort of my lap and my knitting, he must ignore the twitchy string. However, there are times when his playful nature kicks in and he can’t help himself… in which case he is promptly evicted from the cosy spot. I think he’s figured out cause and effect. 😉

  8. I think you ought to let the judges decide the winner rather than decide for them. You never know what people are going to connect with. Wool is cosy. And many little critters feel similarly.

  9. That is absolutely precious 🙂

  10. That’s so adorable! I have a kitty that gets jealous of my knitting time and actually tries to come between myself and my project. I like Roly’s method better. 🙂

  11. I have a Roly, too, with the name Aurora who never misses an opportunity to snuggle up to my knitting project and press herself against whatever I’m working on. Her nails can become a hazard but like you, she knows she’ll be evicted if she’s not extra careful. I agree with everyone here — submit any and all your wool photos. My motto has always been: you never know if you never try!

  12. This is so lovely! and I just cant wait to try your stunning pattern! xxxx

  13. Ah the life of a cat!

  14. That shawl looks super cosy, I’m jealous of kitty 🙂