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Why sheep need hair cuts


The farmer reckoned these sheep had been roaming wild for about seven years.  They finally caught them this year.  You can see the old girls were in urgent need of a hair cut…

I was interested to see how the wool literally grew off their backs and trailed along the ground behind them, a woolly train you could say.  I’m not sure their wool would make great yarn though. Anyone for a dreadlock or two??  😉


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8 thoughts on “Why sheep need hair cuts

  1. Which begs the question…how did they escape and survive ‘in the wild’ for seven years???

    • The sheep are part of a mob that live on a station (very large farm – about 30,000 acres). The station is largely unfenced within its borders, so the sheep roam all over the place. It is heavily bush clad and full of valleys, nooks and crannies where the sheep can hide. It’s relatively easy to get lost! There’s plenty of food and shelter, so as long as they don’t get injured or sick, they can live wild very easily.

  2. All aboard the wool train.
    I wonder if Scooter would start looking like that if I didn’t give his hair a trim each summer.

  3. Wow, the sheep must be very strong to have dragged the wooly dreadlocks for all those years. It will literally be a weight of their shoulders. Thanks for posting. Have a great weekend. Oh, I wish we could just get our hair cut and lose a ton of weight. xoRobin❤

  4. What amazing photos — thanks for sharing. Somehow, they look very regal despite their long locks. I can only imagine how skinny they will looked once sheared. Amazing!

  5. reminds me of those cute highland cattle I came across in Scotland.

  6. There is a cartoon about a sheep who lives in wide open spaces like that; he gets caught, and shorn, and he’s embarrassed because he looks naked and pink. But he is so much lighter, he dances and leaps all over the place. 🙂 Just think about how unburdened those sheep must have felt after shearing! lol