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To wool


So warm


Timeless and enduring

Nature’s gift to humanity

It’s wool

It grows

Springy, warm, soft

Its fragrance comforting

Spun, worn to shelter and protect

Us all

Author: kiwiyarns

Welcome to my blog where I talk about knitting in New Zealand and the beautiful yarns you can find here.

8 thoughts on “To wool

  1. hey I love the colourwork! Is it your own design?

    • It’s the Heritage Cardigan from Interweave Knits’ 2009 Winter issue. A very simple pattern in a nice bulky yarn (12 ply), so the project goes very quickly.

  2. Lovely words, and the design is goooooorgeous! xxx

  3. Man that cardi is cute. It looks so comfy, cozy.
    Do you know what breed of sheep are in the picture? I’m rather curious about the black sheep with white hind legs.

    • I don’t actually know. They’re an ancient breed by the looks of their colouring, but I suspect mixed. I never worked up the courage to ask their owners what they were.

  4. Beautiful! You had better enter that 🙂 Thats a great photo of you and your cardi at the beach!